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My People
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fungus Photo Finish Friday

This is what I should feel like today... "I'm the King of the World"... it being a Friday and the end of a long, long, long week. Yabba Dabba Dooo is just 8 short hours away.

This is also a great example of my chaotic bedroom decor. Remember, the rule in this room is that  you can only ADD to it, you can't take anything down... so I have a poster painted by my brother Michael ... Mickey Mouse... which is ironic since Michael and his family are at Disney World RIGHT NOW... Michael hasn't lived at home since, I don't know, maybe 1996? That's when he and Mechelle got married... and there's a World Series poster that Cody and/or Ryan added at some time, no idea when... and the photo of my grandparents on their wedding day that always adorns my home... I love the way they look in that photo... Grandma in her stylish cloche hat, Grandaddy looking so much like my Ryan... anyways... so this is what I should look like, a cat at the highest perch in the room, with control over the dog treats...

But this is closer to how I feel....

Like the "fungus among us" growing on a piece of wood in my brother's front yard, surrounded by damp soil, growing moss (you know, from lack of movement and limited sunshine)... just laying here, serving no apparent purpose...

I'm working from 11:30 to 4:30 today and I'm having a really hard time imagining that 4:30 hour getting here. I'm not just in pain, I'm exhausted to the marrow of my bones. Literally, I get what people mean when they say, "bone tired" because my bones ache.  Seriously, even my big toes ache.

Oscar, the dog who must have body heat or he will die, is sleeping deeply beside me. I need to go to the bathroom and really want to eat breakfast but he's so peaceful. I don't have the heart to interrupt that sort of rest. I covet that ability. Even with all the meds I'm on, I can't seem to get a good night's sleep lately. I just can't stay comfortable long enough. And, of course, last night with the noisy thunderstorms that blew through, and my "King of the World" kitty who needed my undivided AWAKE attention - so he kept tapping me on the face with his soft little paw - which, honestly is precious to see and funny to me, that a cat has adapted such a human like mannerism - but there came a point last night that I begged, "Little Kitty, mommy needs to sleep!"... and another point at 6:56 this morning where I exclaimed, "Lily... you don't REALLY need to go out"... but she did... and then I remembered that I needed to refill 6 prescriptions today so I needed to go ahead and call them in to the pharmacy with the hope that they would be ready for me to pick up BEFORE work, with the anticipation that I will not be functioning to the point of being able to pick them up AFTER work. The pharmacy automated phone system said that my prescriptions would be ready by 9:15 but I'm not holding my breath. They text me when my prescriptions are ready and I know not to bother going up there before I get my texts. While I was in the middle of the process of typing in all those dad-blamed prescription numbers, my alarm went off and I had to make a mad dash from the living room to the bedroom to turn off the alarm, for what reason I don't know... it was only me and the zoo home... and I was trying to keep from losing my place in what I was typing in so that got my adrenaline flowing in one swift gush and after that there was no chance of going back to sleep, even though I really could use a couple extra hours.. or a couple of hours period, don't think you can call them "extra" when they're just about all you're getting.

ANYways.. that gush of adrenaline woke me up but it sure didn't last long. And now it's late enough that going to sleep would just make me feel icky and sluggish all day and I can't afford that. I have to be quick witted to do well at work. I also have to get gas before work which cuts into my morning time and I really need a lot of morning this morning if I'm going to accomplish the things I need to in my afternoon.

Remember yesterday when I said that I love my life? I don't feel the same way today. I hate feeling this way. I would call in to work but there's really a lot that I want to do there today. I want to be there. I just want it not to hurt or require energy that I don't have.

So that's my Friday. Yabba dabba whatever.


Lea said...

Hope you feel better and have a good productive Friday. We woke up to a big ole snowstorm here, a few inches so far and more to come throughout the day!!