My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Things I Love

Happy Singles Awareness Day!
I first heard that from my friend Natalie and you know what? She's getting married! I love that she's in love.
Another friend that I have literally prayed for for years... he was so desperate to have a wife and family... he's engaged, too! I love that.
All three of my boys have significant others. They make good partners, my boys. I raised them well. I love that they are happy.
I love and I love that I have an order on the way with gifts for Cody, Ryan and baby Scarlett, my friend Whitney's baby who is due any time now!
I love that Whitney's having a baby. She's one of those friends who was only in my life for a season but she was definitely a bright spot in a very dark time for me. I love her happily ever after life.
I love watching little Shannon, the baby girl with the long hair that I used to french braid, I love watching her as a mommy with two girls, one with special needs. I love how God chooses special people to care for His delicate children.
I love being one of those mommies.
I love that Oscar needs to cuddle with me when my mom is not home.
I love that my Trouble kitty waits outside the bathroom door for me and reaches for me to pick him up when I come out. I've never had a cat who wanted to be held and carried and I love it.
I love my nest. It's cozy and really, truly, the only painfree place in the world for me right now.
I love my co-workers. They're such kind, loving people.
I love having a job, having a place to go, a purpose. I love that I do my job well and I even love that I'm willing to brag about it.
I love that I don't have a long commute.
I love Starbucks.
I love that my friend Beth has a handbag line designed for her and I love that those handbags cost more than most people's mortgage payments. I love watching Beth's fabulous adventures.
I love that my friend Christy who suffered through a really bad marriage for far too long has remarried to a man who loves and cherishes and spoils her and gives her the life she deserves.
In a strange way, it gives me hope.
I love that my mother hen Linda writes me long emails and checks up on me. She's not the only one, there are many like her who have cared about me when they didn't have to and it warms my heart so much that it makes my eyes leak.
I love my sweet sister-in-law Angie and am so grateful that she's not just my sister, she's my friend. She's such a great example - and even though she's younger than me, when I grow up I want to be just like her.
I love being an aunt. I love how amazing my nieces and nephews are... sweet, gorgeous, smart, courageous.
I love pinterest.
I love curbed. It's a real estate blog and it's so fun to see lots of fabulous places.
I love the Daily Mail online. I get better info from across the pond than I do from our government sponsored media.
I love my friend Lisa, who I only kind of knew a little bit in school. She's this really incredible fascinating person and she facebooks all kind of things that interest me. And some that don't. But she represents for me a second chance to get to know the folks that I never got around to getting to know in high school.
The truth is, I just love getting to know people through Facebook, the ones I never knew, the ones I knew well that have drifted away, it's a great place for people like me who aren't that mobile to reach out into the world.
I love the guys who fell in love with me, even the ones I couldn't really love back in the way they wanted me to.
And I love the guys I fell in love with who couldn't love me back the way I wanted to.
One day I'll find the courage to tell the stories of all the men I've loved. It's insane and a bit embarrassing at times. The things I've done for love... crazy.
I love spending time with my parents and I'm glad that this less-ability has resulted in an opportunity to know them better and to spend quality time with them.
I love and am soooo proud of my brothers. I could write a long blog entry on each of them. They are amazing people and I love that no matter who else they have in their lives, I will always be their only sister.
I love that time is fleeting and even though there are so many things I'd like to mention... it's time to start the glam routine. I'm treating myself to something special on the way to work today.
I love that it's my Friday. Praise God for a three day break. I need it.
I love you all, even the ones I don't know. Thank you for your interest in my life.
I love that tomorrow is half price chocolate day.
Love and hugs y'all.