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My People
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Truth Day Tuesday

Been hiding a quirky habit and want to come clean about it?
Done something that made you look around to see if anyone is watching?
Got a confession you need to make?
Here's your chance! It's Truth Day Tuesday!

Last night I couldn't sleep and I came up with a lot of random things to share but by the time I woke up this morning, I had forgotten most of them. Should have posted them but I try to avoid blogging under the influence of ambien. And ultram. And flexiril. And the half dozen other meds that I have to take to be able to move.

Here's one: I'm addicted to Hershey's kisses. It started over Christmas while we were at the mountain house and we had bowls of Christmas candy sitting around the house. I ate and ate and ate. Then they went on sale so I stocked up and ate a lot more. Then the Valentines kisses came out. Who can resist chocolate wrapped in cute little pink foil wrapping? It's out of control, people. I took one of my teapots that I use for decoration and filled it with kisses. My mom added some more chocolate for me. I added some little butterfinger hearts but I find myself digging through the pot to find the kisses. It's kisses. All kisses. I've been through three bags since last Friday. One was a supersize bag. I just can't wait for Valentine's to get here so that I can enjoy the day after - Half Price Chocolate Day.

There's something else I need to share. My daughter-in-law left a pair of jeans over here for my mom to sew up for her. I am embarrassed to admit that I peeked at the size. It was a 2. Just a two. Not like mine that have a 2 with a 0 beside it. A two. My daughter-in-law wears a two. AND and I'm a nosy mother-in-law.

I used to secretly love Anderson Cooper but now I secretly dislike him. I'm glad his show is going off the air. He has gotten too political. I didn't expect him to be a Conservative but when he was so out and out boldly Democratic... I automatically change the channel if he comes on. I also dislike his pairing with Kathy Griffin. She's pure trash.

I have replaced him with Jim Parsons. I love him as Sheldon and I love him as him, at least as the him he portrays on talk shows and red-carpet interviews. I search you-tube for videos of him. I can do those sort of things since I don't do much except work.

Sometimes I look at my friends' facebook pages and get jealous. I don't mean to. I've always felt like it was important not to covet. I've always tried to be the kind of friend who could just be happy living vicariously through others, who would celebrate the triumphs of others and I am... and I do... but sometimes I do get a little green. Whenever I'm feeling envious of what others have, I try to remind myself that there are many who would love to have what I have and I am ashamed of myself. But it's true. This is something I do.

I have to confess that I enjoy reading a mean girls blog. I rarely hardly ever contribute and if I do, it's under an alias. It's about a blogger that has misled her readers and misappropriated funds and to be truthful, I want her to get knocked square between the eyes with a big old helping of karma. She's done devious things but I still kinda feel sorry for her. What if there was a hater blog about my blog? :shiver:

I'm also addicted to window shopping on I mentioned this yesterday. I've only ordered twice... once because they had just the perfect baby gift that I needed for a friend... and the second time because ordering the first time gave me free shipping for the next two days. I can't afford to become a shop-a-holic but if I shop, I prefer to do it online.

I'm walking less and when I do, it hurts more. I try to avoid situations where I have to walk. Or sit on hard surfaces or at a 90 degree angle because that is the point of the most intense pressure on my jelly-donut-discs.

My meds give me a dry mouth.
My skin is super dry and I forget lotion about 90 percent of the time.
I always exaggerate whenever I give numbers.
I probably only forget lotion about 75 percent of the time but I increased it for dramatic effect.
I wear the same pajama pants and sweatshirt two or three days in a row.
I'm just sitting and I wear deodorant, it's not like I get dirty.
I started two books in January and haven't finished them yet.
I haven't finished my genealogy project and I've gotten lax about working on it.
Burned out.
I have turned my parents into pajama wearers.
They have discovered the warm fuzzy feeling of wearing warm fuzzy pjs while lounging around the house.
My mom and I spend 90 percent of our time in pajamas.
(That percentage is falsely inflated.)
I prefer tub baths to showers.
It makes it harder to wash my hair but it feels good on my lower back.
Somebody peed on the corner of my comforter while I was sleeping last night.
It had to be last night because I fold it up every morning to make a big comfy little pallet for Stubby.
When I folded yesterday morning it was fine.
When I unfolded to go to bed last night it was fine.
Durn night time pee bandits!
I have a headache. I'm having them more often since my blood pressure is high again.
I made a fresh pot of coffee when I got up this morning.
I get up and touch the side of the pot and if it's still warm from when Pop made his, I'll drink it.
It's weak but I drink.
If he doesn't make coffee and there's any left in the pot my mom will drink it - you know, heat it in the microwave.
I'm a fresh brewed girl myself. Not to be wasteful but I think we can still afford coffee.
Especially since the Prodigal is out sowing his wild oats again. He's a big drain on resources.
I miss him, though.
I miss my oldest, too. I haven't heard from him since Christmas day.
He's not mad at us, I don't think. I think he's just busy.
I want one of those ear wax vacuums.
I started the day with muscle spasms yesterday, couldn't stand up straight for a bit.
I used that time to blow dry my hair - it was the perfect position.
By the time I finished, things had eased up. I didn't think I'd make it all day at work but I did.
I have taken on a new job duty and it takes up about 30 percent of my work day.
That estimate was accurate, not exaggerated.
Someone must have peed on the linoleum floor leading to the laundry room because Trouble is frantically trying to "scratch it up" like in a litter box.
He's such a helper cat. He's my little shadow. We should have named him that but Trouble fits well, too.
I'm wearing mismatched fuzzy socks. I think that's a sign of not caring.
Oddly... as I've admitted before... my underwear must match my outerwear but I couldn't care less if my socks don't match.
I'm having trouble putting on socks lately. Have to sit down and it's hard to bend that way.
I'm also having trouble putting on pants. I can't stand on one leg and pull one leg up.
Makes getting out of the shower a real adrenaline rush. I would be HUUUUU-miliated if I fell in the bathroom and had to be rescued.
You know what's sad? I would make more money on disability and other benefits.
I would make more not working.
But there's something inside of me that refuses to be *that person*.
It's like... I know that once I make that transition that it's like giving up.
Even when it hurts... I still want to be part of the world that has a place to go where they feel productive.
But when I take on new job duties - and when I do things well - it makes me sad knowing that I won't be able to do that for years and years and years to come.
It makes me appreciate every day, every policy I write, every person I help, every single phone call I make.
Because I still can.
I appreciate this blog because I CAN do it for years and years and years to come. This is my happily ever after.
Time to put the laundry in the dryer.
It's your turn: what do you need to 'fess up to today?


The Old Parsonage said...

Loved this post - truth with a bit of sarcasm!

Not sure if I'm a follower, but I'm off to become one!!

I'm dealing with fibromyalgia and know what you mean about pain management!

Feel better!