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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Truth About Tuesday & Wednesday

Today's greatest source of pain is the L5& L6 part of my spine... the place with the extra vertebrae (because I'm an overachiever that way)... providing me with a hot searing pain there... a stabbing pain in my right butt cheek courtesy of the piriformis syndrome, muscle spasms, fatigue and anxiety over sitting up all day. Anxiety is sort of a new one for me to own up to but I realize now that it's been a huge part of things all along. After all, it's anxiety that keeps me from putting myself in potentially painful situations.

My other pain is 2 animals who must constantly be attached to me...Oscar the dog and Little Trouble Kitty. I literally took a bath with three animals supervising  me (the addition of Eddie the cat who uses the bathroom sink for a bed, it's a zoo here, I tell ya!) Oscar snapped at me yesterday, he didn't really connect for a decent bite but he wanted to... and immediately felt guilty because he loves his Heather... so he spent the day attached to me to reassure himself that I would let him... which made Trouble feel ignored so he would come and sit across my chest.

I felt really rotten yesterday so I curled up in bed and took a long midday nap (I was off work). Oscar slept under the blanket curled up with me... Trouble slept on top of me... Stubby slept on the pillow beside me... Eddie slept at my feet. When I started to get up, my granddoggie Sammy climbed up beside me too. I literally had to call my mom to help get the animals out of the way so I could get up.

I never quite got woke up and oriented yesterday. I feel like a cold is coming on... my nose is drippy and my ears are clogged and I've got some crackles in my chest but... what can you do? I don't feel as full of green slime as I did yesterday. Maybe it was allergies?

I tried to watch Celebrity Wife Swap last night - Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson changed places. It was too cliche and scripted and made Kate look like a shrew and Kendra look like a party girl and I kept feeling that the truth was somewhere in the middle. I gave up and started watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

For some reason, on Monday night, the new episode of How I Met Your Mother lost the sound in the last ten minutes. It wasn't my tv - every other channel had sound- and I was really bummed.

I spent longer in the bath this morning than I should but the hot water felt really good on my aching bones.

I need to add the pain in my left foot to my list of things that hurt today. It never goes away but gets stronger when I'm walking... and it's connected to a point in my back because when I step with my left foot, it delivers a strong pain to my back. Consequently, I find myself dragging my left foot rather than have  that impact

Mama cooked dinner last night. She never ever ever cooks, other than to warm up soup for her lunch. Her last day of work is March 8th, though, so she intends to start cooking. Her last day was supposed to be the 1st but then one of the other crossing guards' husbands' died so she is needed one more week. She has been trying to quit since last school year.

I'm out of time. No time to edit this so please ignore any errors.