My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 5, 2013


A day in the life of a unemployed... SAHM with only one adult child at home... a housewife but I'm not a wife.. Let's just call this a day in the life of a bimbo in limbo. I'm not really a bimbo but it rhymes and makes me seem edgier than I am.

I hate mornings. I hate them so bad that I start dreading mornings before I even lay down to go to bed. I just know that I'm going to wake up hurting in new places... have stairs to climb... need a shower... need to get food in my belly so I can take the meds that take off the edge and it's just a very delicate balance of easing into the day. I wish I was still a morning person - popping out of bed at 4am with enthusiasm and excitement. Those two ships have sailed: Enthusiasm & Excitement. Now it's just a matter of getting the pain under control without getting dizzy/sick and doing my best to make things go well for the other inhabitants of the house.

This morning it meant that I took my meds later in order to allow Los Tres Amigos who had been  Xboxing all night in the living room to sleep later. They're having fun. They're mostly paying for their own food. They've been respectful. And when I finally came up around 10:30 and said, "I need the living room" they went from dead sleep to spotless room - dishes washed, trash thrown away and taken out - no stinky locker room smell. It was all good. And then Pat went to work and Thing One and Thing Two came up and made brunch - french toast. Hard to complain.

I used my extra time downstairs before I woke the boys up to put a little heat (via heating pad) on my left hip. It's the one that won't ease up for me right now. That helped somewhat so I decided to take the Christmas decorations out of my bedroom closet and use it instead to store my "out of season" clothes. The in season clothes are stored in the huge linen closet in the bathroom upstairs. That climb to get dressed every morning is a doozy but it does give me SOME physical activity.

In my efforts this morning I manage to stub my pinkie toe - the one that's been broken too many times to keep up with - and then I stubbed my big toe on the same foot. And all that stubbing aggravated the hip on that same side that was already winning Most Miserable Pain of the Day. So I figured God was telling me I had done enough for today. Ha.

The boys headed out to their various appointments/entertainments and I enjoyed a lovely peaceful afternoon and got a good bit of in-depth genealogy study done. It takes a lot of concentration because even the documents that are in English can be written in a way that is foreign to our typical spoken English. I was dealing with a branch of the family that repeats the names in every generation so it's not enough to know that someone with your ancestors name bought a farm in Eastern Kentucky - you have to figure out which generation bought it so that usually means tracking down wills and tax records and you have to work to keep straight who you're researching. I love the challenge but it's hard to do if I have even the slightest interruption. Today was a good day for research and I'm pleased with my progress.

All three amigos are back to spend the night at the Gant Home for wayward boy/men. Casa X-box Addiction Recovery. They cleaned up behind their dinner. They waited until I was ready to head to the Whine Cellar (I had to see the episode of How I Met Your Mother because when it played originally our cable messed up and we didn't have audio for the last ten minutes). They helped me with the things that had to be moved from the main floor to the cellar. And I just thank God to have one of my babies hanging out with his old mom. I need him.

What else can I tell you about today? The cat vomited in my bedroom. Twice. That was a lovely surprise.
It rained a nice soft misty rain for awhile which was great because I needed to water the potted plants and Austin volunteered to go out with the hose and do it... and he had forgotten... so I was going to do it. Gotta save my basil. About the time I started filling the pot... here comes the rain! I'm continuing a little flirty romance with an old flame and it's been fun. We have a long history that spans a long period of time so we can always say, "remember that time we... "  I am certain that nothing serious will become of it but it's nice to have a friend at this season of life.

My friend's nephew is still missing, please continue to pray.
And I am tired. Sleepy ahead of bedtime.
Hope you all had a great Monday and I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Love and hugs!