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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hide and Seek

Lots of little nothings to share today.

One big something is that my Cousin Tammy's daughter Jennifer had a baby girl early this morning which makes Aubrey Marie my first cousin twice removed. And since she was born on my Cody's birthday, we'll always remember her birthday! I don't know what that crazy T hat is all about but at least they're raising her in the SEC. She's awful cute.

So proud of my Austin and his sidekick Logan... they have been hugely cooperative in the projects around the house that Pop had for them. They require a lot of supervision or they tend to cut corners or lose interest but they have been willing to do whatever was asked of them, no matter how hot or dirty the job is.

I'm happy to report that after one full week of the de-humidifier running in the basement we have no additional mold growth. There is still a little water leaking in but we hope that the projects that Austin and Logan have done will eliminate any additional leakage.

I've held off on getting rid of the furniture and... it's looking much better. The mold that I cleaned off of things the other morning hasn't grown back and I think that's a good sign. Plus we removed all the paper and fabric that we could... and of course, all the damp carpet... and I think that's helped.

The carpet in Austin's room still has to be pulled out and once we've successfully eliminated the leaks we'll be putting down new floor covering in the main room and in Austin's room. Lord, we'd appreciate a few dry months if you don't mind.

I'm still tucked away on the top floor and not minding it toooooo much. The sound carries oddly in this house and although the boys have been in the bedroom right across the hall from me I haven't heard a peep out of them but I can hear the downstairs tv like it's right in the room with me. I'm a little bit homesick for my Whine Cellar but all things considered, I'm fine.

The boys are staying down in the basement tonight. We're going to let them be the guinea pigs. I won't try to move back down until we're pretty sure about the water. Dampness is bad for my lungs and it's bad for my spine and all that ails me. They're young and can handle it plus they like having their own space.

I had a crazy bout of pain last night that had me wide awake and praying for mercy. It eased up after some of the hardcore pain meds and a little extra sleep but ... I hope that's not what the future holds. Just when I think I've gotten used to the way things are, the pain amps up a bit like that.

WARNING: cat pictures ahead. My Little Trouble Kitty is such a little stealth, sneaky cat. His favorite victim is Eddie (I think because Eddie will actually run from him). Stubby the 3 Legged Wonder Cat has finally after all these months figured out how to go up and down the stairs to the top level. He shocked me yesterday by showing up in my bedroom. For the most part, though, Stubby is just a furry piece of furniture.

The first set of pictures are Eddie drinking out of the bathtub and Trouble hiding between the shower curtains to surprise him.

 The next pictures are Trouble hiding between my quilt and sheets to sneak out and surprise Eddie.

 And the last pictures are Trouble sleeping in the linen closet. He's not really planning an attack here but he IS sleeping in Eddie's favorite sleeping spot. Try to focus on the cute kitty and not the messy closet.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


monique said...

You are really lucky that I am allergic to cats or I would come and steal that Little Trouble fur ball. Precious.
Have a great weekend in them there hills.