My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Backstage Photos

My head still hurts but not like yesterday. Today it's just sort of a shadow - like a bruise - I can tell where it hurt yesterday but it's nowhere near the pain level. Still groggy and a bit dizzy so I had a nice nap this afternoon. The back is out of whack and much more painful than usual (and it always hurts so....). Thus ends the daily whine.

I mainly just wanted to share the photos from last night. The girls did not place which is crazy - once I post the video you'll agree - they did a great job. Nothing against any of the other acts (which I haven't seen) I just know that my girls performance was more polished and professional than the typical Kiwanis talent. I'm jes' sayin'....

 Getting her hair and makeup done in the high school cafeteria. Reminds me of when the boys did dance and we would end up getting ready in all sorts of random spaces.  I look quite a fright here - curly/messy hair and all because I had such a nasty headache and had been laying down all day.
 I love her tunic and leggings... very much like what I like to wear. In fact I'm wearing a comfy maxi skirt and long sleeve tshirt with hoodie over it. The hoodie is very thin, tshirt material. Comfort above all else is my motto. I rarely wear stuff that I couldn't sleep in.

Jamie's braid. She wants an Elsa braid (like on Frozen). I'm going to have to do a little internet research to see how to do it.
 We were doing ok until I broke out the liquid eyeliner. The thing is... once it dries, the liquid is fairly smudge proof. I thought it would be better than pencil. What I didn't count on is the combo of my shaky hands and a fidgety girl. We got lots of smears and by the time I finished she didn't like the look (or feel of it).
I love how intent Jamie is on this. She's such a curious girl!
 Presenting.... (actually, Mawmaw was trying to get a picture so SB could see how she looks and Jamie intentionally photobombed! Ha!)
yeah. A pencil would have worked better. I'm sure we have plenty of makeup opportunities ahead of us. We'll figure it out.
 Really, really not loving the whole makeup thing here...
 Of course, Miss Priss is happy as a lark. I could have done a bit more on her but I was afraid for her allergies to kick in and things get smudged.
 With her bestie, Jorjanne whose makeup is flawless. I should have gotten her to do it!
 Lots of happy little performers...
The end.

Love and hugs, y'all!