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My People
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with nobody but still participating in my own unsociable way with 7 Quick Takes Friday!

1. I haven't watched college basketball this year except for the final game of the SEC Championship on Sunday but that didn't stop me from filling out a bracket. It's fun to guess the winners. Turns out even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally... I picked Mercer over Duke which was a huge upset and the bracket buster for most people. I also picked Harvard - another upset - and Dayton - an upset. I'm at about 90% correct on my bracket.

2. We're having a few teenagers spend the night up on the top floor tonight which means my mom and the doggies are going to spend the night down in the Whine Cellar with me and the kitties so that Oscar, the Unsociable Dachshund, won't be barking his head off all night. The kids are here again tomorrow night so I guess mom will be down here then as well ... unless Austin keeps her awake all night. He goes outside about every half hour. She may decide that it's preferable to be kept awake by a barking dachshund in her own bed than be kept awake by a insomniac on my couch. We'll see.

3. I didn't sleep well last night... lots of crazy dreams and lots of ungodly pain. I haven't been able to get a break from pain for the past two or three days and I'm feeling even more exhausted than usual because of it. It just won't let up. It's making me miserable and grumpy. Not real grumpy. It's a rare combo of off the chain evil gut pain and a worse than usual flare up of the back stuff. It's like a band of pain around my waist.

4. I borrowed a book from the library about a family in 15th Century England. My thought was that I could expand my World History knowledge (which is sadly lacking) but instead, as it turns out, the family in the book is MY family, some of them, anyways. Makes it infinitely more interesting even if it is a bit difficult to read. The book is compiled from a cache of letters written amongst family members. Apparently they kept letters as a way to document their land holdings. The family moved from peasantry to "gentry" courtesy of a family member who was a successful attorney. I'm only in Chapter 2, I'll share more if it seems interesting or relevant.

5. I'm almost out of peppermint tea. And obviously running out of Quick Takes.

6. We had Papa's Pizza for dinner. Austin was supposed to make wonton soup but it's a new recipe for him to try and he wasn't feeling like it today (and I wasn't feeling like talking him through it). Papa's Pizza is a small local pizza place that is pretty good. Good enough that I had two pieces of deep dish pizza and am STUFFED. Full belly doesn't make evil gut pain and worse than usual back pain any better. Full belly is the least helpful thing. Of course, the fact that I have a healthy appetite tells me that evil gut pain can't be a digestive issue. Right?

7. I did laundry yesterday and didn't get around to hanging stuff up before I went to bed. OCD Trouble Kitty could not STAND the stack of clothes and kept going to stand on top of the clothes and meowing loudly (for him - which is still barely a whisper). I tried to hold him to look out the window which we do EVERY day and he loves (he purrs like a little motor) but today when I tried to pick him up he ran to the stack of clothes. Once I finished putting the clothes away he put his front paws on the wall (his sign for "pick me up"). Later today he noticed that my mom had put a pair of shoes down here. He kept standing by them meowing. They were out of place.

Anyways... that's all I've got. Happy Weekend.