My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Day In Pictures

 View from the parking lot of the library in Cleveland, Georgia - and my little Minnie Mouse antenna topper.
 Can you find the REAL animal in this picture?
 Does this help?
This is my Stuffed Animal Support Group. There's another branch on the shelf above this chair and another one in my bedroom.
Austin found this upside down in the woods beside the house. He drug it out with the lawnmower. We think it will make a good raised bed garden.
Pop's garden. Tiny little buds of stuff that get covered up at night and uncovered when the sun comes up.
Buds and blossoms.
Everything is in bloom up here. The daffodils are amazing. Forsythia is blooming and even the dogwoods are starting to sprout. I'm sure this means the pollen count is also on the rise.
  Mother Goose and Father Goose

 Oscar the Dachshund is particularly fond of goose poop. He likes it even better than he likes cat poop.
 Mom planted azaleas on the hill beside the fountain yesterday.
 The shed just looks like Spring... all full of potting soil and lawnmowers and yard working stuff. I think. I'm actually unfamiliar with all of the shed except for the freezer where I keep my popsicles.
 Austin and I made a Walmart run this afternoon. Not a big one, just for bottled water and such. We got stuck in "traffic" in town and had to wait an extra light cycle to get through the square. I took photos to amuse myself. This is "downtown Cleveland".
Austin says this old store would be a great place for a homeless to live under. I would be afraid to go under there. He thinks it's funny that there's a "door to nowhere" off the back.
 Progress or something. They've been putting in these big pipes everywhere. The road is chopped up all around the library.
 The old Courthouse. I have never been inside and I need to. It would be a fun "field trip".
This is the top of the hill beside the driveway - the top of the fountain. The wooden bench was made by my brother. Austin, Pop and my niece Jamie hauled the stones up to create a little walkway. Mom dug up moss out of the woods to put between the stones. Hopefully it will take. It looks real fancy now.

In other news... today I washed two loads of clothes and went to Walmart, which I've already mentioned. I found a bag of black jelly beans for my mom. She likes them. I can't stand them. I wanted some jelly bellies jelly beans but the only ones they had were $3 for about twelve jelly beans. I settled for skittles instead. We bought candles for the basement because it smells like a guy lives here. I made Austin pick out the candles so he wouldn't complain. Now the basement smells like bubblicious.

Anyways... that's my Tuesday. Hope yours was good!