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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, March 28, 2014

Migraine in the Rain

I rolled out of bed just after 7 this morning with one solitary thought on my mind:

Mom and Pop were heading to the Southside of Atlanta for a day of adventures (doctor appointment, lunch with my Cody & Marquee, visit to the tax man, browse some stores that we don't have here in the hills). I was on dog duty (not doodie, as I explained yesterday).

I grabbed a shower, put on some loungewear (leggings and a tunic) took a combination of medication that would not be fatal but would come as close as possible in order to eliminate the headache, gathered my comfort items (chapstick, laptop, etc)  and set up camp up on the main level.

I refer to the top floor of the house as "Pop's House" because that's where he is banished due to his snoring and also where his computer is set up.  I refer to the main level as "Mawmaw's House" because that's where she spends most of her time, unless she's at the dock or in the yard. I refer to my basement apartment as "The Whine Cellar". Not sure why I wanted to share that at this point.

Oh yeah, so I went to "Mawmaw's House" and fell asleep on the couch. I slept pretty deeply until just before 10am. The dogs also slept. It was quite quiet. Honestly, throughout the day the dogs were incredibly low maintenance and seemed to just want to sleep. I appreciated this new attitude.

For breakfast I made sort of a "lazy frittata". I sauteed three different kinds of peppers, a tiny bit of onion, broccoli and a spinach/swiss chard combo until they were all tender and then added in three beaten eggs. Once the eggs were cooked through I tossed in some avocado and tomato and a sprinkle of cheese. It was more along the lines of scrambled eggs with veggies than actual frittata but the important thing is that I got in all those lovely veggies! I only ate half of the frittata so they're another ready for tomorrow.Yay ME! For the sake of my own record keeping I'm going to note produce items in green type. I hope it's not distracting.

For lunch I made tuna salad that was equal parts boiled egg and equal parts tuna so it should rightly be called a tuna/egg salad. I added celery, onion and sweet pickles to it and mixed it with a spoon each of sour cream, cream cheese and mayo. It made for a nice, thick tuna/egg salad. My plan was to serve it on greens but I had white bread instead.

Mom brought me leftover spinach salad with chicken and cranberries from O'Charley's - that was my dinner. So... not as good as yesterday but I did have more produce servings than usual. Yay me! Having the tuna, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and chicken (from the salad) also got me in more servings of protein than I usually have. It's hard to tell if that will help my energy level since the migraine has me really dragging today.

I gave up on getting to see the girls' Talent Show performance tonight. My head hurt too much to drive by myself but my back is inflamed/muscle spasms out of control to the point that I knew I couldn't make it the entire time. I didn't want to ride with mom and dad and really need to leave and not be able to. So my plan was to skip the whole thing.

Then my sister-in-law called in tears... they had to put down their parakeet, Sunny which had her afternoon all out of whack. She was working on the Talent Show (I'm not sure in what capacity but I know she had to be there early and would be busy from the time she got there). She asked if I could come and get the girls hair and makeup done for the show. I didn't have to think twice. There are so many things that I just can't do that honestly, people don't bother asking me or including me any more. And there's nothing I love better than doing girly stuff with my girls.

As it turned out Sarabeth hated the makeup and didn't like the way I curled her hair so that was sort of a bust where she was concerned. (I still loved every minute of it!) We're going to have to practice so that we can come up with a "stage look" that doesn't make her feel, "goth". Teehee.  Jamie loved the makeup - I went lighter on her because of her allergies. I didn't want her to get the itchy eyes and end up looking like a raccoon. Her hair was easy - we did half up braided into a fish braid with a pink bow. We considered curling her ends but we ran out of time. I didn't feel well enough to stay for their performance but I was so happy to be a part of the backstage excitement.

I left not a moment too soon. On the way home the headache was so bad that between the migraine dizziness and the curvy roads I got sick - had to pull over and christen the side of the road. I broke out in a cold sweat and was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. I made it home and had to sit in the car for about five minutes before I felt strong enough to walk to the house. I came in and laid down and just felt completely drained.

This is the thing about my pain... human nature tells you to "push through the pain" and adapt to living life while you're in pain. The problem is that pain is not the only consequence of pain. Pain causes me to be sick to my stomach (and sometimes barf). Pain makes my reflexes slower. It makes it harder for me to communicate. I saw a lovely lady backstage that I haven't seen in a long while and I would have loved to just chat with her but I had no words. I was wrung out.

My parents stayed for the first half of the show but they were beat after their long day. We don't know yet if the girls placed in the contest. I saw mom's video of it and they were so durn cute! I'll try to post some pictures and video tomorrow.

The headache still hasn't gone away.

And now it's time for bed. Love and hugs and happy weekend!