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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid-week Check-in

Mother Goose and Father Goose
 I was DYYYYYING for Chickfila today so I splurged and had my first restaurant meal that I've paid for in ... I can't even remember the last time. Austin and I think it may be as long as six months. Not that I haven't had takeout - we cook at home most every night but Pop treats us every now and then to Captain D's or Papa's Pizza (Not Papa John's - Papa's, a local chain). Back in my prime working years I had a drive thru or takeout meal almost every stinkin' day. That's where my pot of gold is buried - in an empty McDonald's sack. Anyways... today it was Chickfila's asian salad which is very, very good and so worth it.

Afterwards Austin and I made a big grocery trip at Walmart in Cornelia. I usually go to Walmart in Cleveland so this was different. Around here the scene rarely changes so shopping at a different Walmart is noteworthy. Also, I feel like the Cornelia Walmart has better produce than Cleveland and I'm trying to get in more fruit and veggie servings in an effort to take some weight off the old spine. It will be easier this Summer once stuff is growing. Not that I bought only "clean" food today. I picked up those bananas dipped in dark chocolate that Dole's makes and strawberry cupcakes and some Pepperidge Farm cookies. Austin bought two big packs of freezer pops (those popsicles in the long plastic tubes) because we have a big freezer down here in the shed. I always try to have a few things here in the Whine Cellar or the freezer that I can eat without having to climb the stairs. Of course, if I had fewer things to eat here in the W.C. I wouldn't have as much trouble climbing stairs.

The girls came over after school today for a little while so we worked on watching High School Musical 3 which we started on Monday. Sarabeth (who is 11) is really creeped out by the romantic parts of it but loves the rest. I was sharing a little Hollywood gossip with the girls the other day and told them that Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life but that they broke up since the movies were made. Jamie asked why they broke up and I said that I wasn't sure but Zach got into drugs and I thought it had something to do with that. She very astutely noted, "Drugs ruin everything." Teehee. Then today while we were watching there was a scene where Vanessa's character tells Zach's character that she's not going to make it to the prom and when he asked why Jamie jumped in and said, "because you do drugs!"  Too funny!

Cat with stolen cinnamon roll
Pop made homemade cinnamon rolls this afternoon and Jamie brought hers down to snack on while we watched the movie. She left it unattended for a few seconds while she checked out my snack stash (deciding I didn't have anything worth noshing on) and Stubby the 3Legged Wondercat bogarted her cinnamon roll. I bought the little straws that turn your milk into chocolate milk - which were a total bust. She had Mawmaw add chocolate to her milk and then drank the chocolate milk through the straw that turns milk into chocolate milk. We spoil the girls rotten while they're here but that's ok. Everybody needs a place where they feel special.

Spring Snow
Last night around 7pm it started SNOWING! It was so bizarre to have snow falling while there are blooms on the trees. We've had snow in March before but we've never had snow after time changed. It was surreal. It didn't stick or accumulate or anything. Hopefully that was our last bit of cold weather because I. am. OVER it! It was nice in the sunshine today but when I came in from the grocery store I had to change into a warm sweatshirt. It was cold enough last night that Little Kitty wanted under the covers.

I called the free clinic people yesterday because I hadn't heard anything on my application for admission to their program. It turns out that they JUST got my records from my doctor yesterday. A full month. It makes me feel like my doctor's office was only interested in my money, not my health, knowing that they are preventing me from receiving medical care until those records are received. I know it's not something that's thought out that deeply... but obviously it was not a priority for them. Makes me wonder if I should see them once I do have health insurance again. If/when. From what I understand the North Georgia Healthcare System isn't accepting a lot of the big insurance companies now so maybe they've been bombarded with people having to change doctors. At any rate... they said they would review my records today and let me know today if I'm accepted. The records just have to show that I have high blood pressure... which... they've been prescribing meds for it for the past five and a half years so that shouldn't be an issue.

The lady who is overseeing Austin's case through Vocational Rehab wants him to consider getting back on meds for ADHD. He is strongly opposed to it. This same lady oversees Austin's girlfriend's case and dissuaded her from spending time with him the other day. She reportedly said something along the lines of Austin being a slacker which... he freely admits but still... not very professional if she did say it. I've got to go by there tomorrow to pick up some paperwork for Austin. If she's in the office I think I need to just drop a bug in her ear that she may want to take a different tact in motivating Austin toward a career path.

Anyways... that's what's going on around here today. Love and hugs, y'all!