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My People
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogging on 1/5/15

Let's pretend you suffer from a miserable combination of EGP (evil gut pain) and MBP (multiple back problems)... and you awaken at pre-dawn-thirty and realize it's raining really hard. Still. Let's say you remember the propensity for your dwelling place to be a bit um... leaky... and realize that your precious new mini-fridge is in the direct path of the last great basement deluge. Would you, A) wake your strong young son to move the fridge? B) call out to your father who is ALWAYS awake at pre-dawn-thirty or C) move it yourself.

Wanna guess what I did? I moved the fridge, microwave, recliner, end table and a large easy chair by myself. Aaaaaand instantly remembered that I am no longer able to have never been able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. So the EGP and the MBP has been getting worse, not better over the past two days.

There is leakage along two sides of the large living area in the Whine Cellar. My mom has worked magic with towels and a dehumidifier and we have appreciated, once again, the fact that we put carpet squares down here instead of traditional carpeting. At one point all of my furniture was gathered in towards the middle of the room by at least two feet. OCD Kitty and myself were really stressed by it but it's getting better. It made me want to comfort eat last night so I had FOUR cups of Luigi's Mango Italian Ice, three Lean Cuisine thai spring rolls and two Whitecastle burgers. Eh. Food is my vice.

Today mom's friend Becky came over and they spent the afternoon having tea and chatting and sewing with Jamie. Sarabeth got "the power" since Jamie was sewing which means she had control over the remote control. We watched Space Jam and parts of Finding Nemo and a few episodes of Giada and My Little Pony. Austin's friend Fat Pat (who is not fat) was over helping Austin with a project so the two of them were in and out. Oscar hung out with us since he must have constant body heat to survive. The cats kept hiding from the sewing machine.

The point is that it was chaotic at times but it was a good distraction from the pain. Once everyone filtered out and I was left with just my kitties I took a short nap. Mom brought down some dinner and checked the various "points of entry" one more time and now... I'm going to fill my mind with brain junk food (aka The Bachelor) and hope the multitude of medications alleviates enough pain for me to sleep.

No pictures again, I'm sorry. Just trying to be a better blogger - or perhaps a more frequent blogger. "Better" may be a stretch. So that's the way it was 1/5/15... love and hugs, y'all!


Wendy in Oz said...

Heather I had a huge comment responding to your last post about your health care that was eaten by cyber space and I was too tired to retype! Long story short, I hope you eventually find a reason for the gut pain that can be dealt with. As for the spine/hip pain, the only thing that helped me was Glucosamine capsules everyday without fail. Plus I started walking around by backyard. Then slowly I went a little further as I felt better. Over the past 12 months I've lost 40lbs and that is a lot less for my back to carry around. Plus the glucosamine makes my joints work much better. Anyway hope and pray you feel better real soon. You deserve to feel good!