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My People
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Movie Day Saturday

Fleece lined legging, two pair of socks, warm afghan - my winter uniform
As a consolation for being big fat meanies and taking away Fox News Channel, DISH has given us a weekend with all the movie channels. Usually I'm just like..."eh"... because I don't watch a lot of movies. My movie watching interest is so narrow... I don't like violence, blood and guts, gratuitous language, I don't like things that couldn't happen in real life, I don't like stressful movies - your suspense is my big time anxiety. I don't need to discover new things to stress over. I don't like slapball comedy. I like comedy that just flows like a witty conversation between me and Purple Michael. I don't when they have to work so hard and make it plain stupid for a joke. Since I'm such a picky movie fan, it's really hard to find things I want to see. HOWEVER... there are a few I've got lined up and I wanted to share them with your. I mean, I wanted to share my opinion. If you want it. Otherwise, "love and hugs, talk to you later!".

Little Trouble cuddling with his mommy
I started yesterday with The Jane Austen Book Club. I don't want to give a lot of plot away but it's basically a group of people who are going through different "things" in their collective lives and as the meet each month to review a Jane Austen book, you see the parallels and irony in the relationships. It's very light-hearted. Totally a chick flick. Made me happy.

Then I watched the highly acclaimed August: Osage County. It had Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and won awards or was at least nominated for awards. I liked it. In parts it felt over-acted. The plot was kinda wacky and I had a hard time connecting the dots of who belonged to who. I'm glad I watched it. I probably wouldn't watch it again.

Oscar gets between my thighs, under the blanket for maximum warmth
I recorded some stuff last night that I'll watch later on. One is a history of golf that I recorded thinking my dad would enjoy it. I recorded Annie (the 1982 version) and Little Shop of Horrors to show Sarabeth and Jamie. I'm trying to give them a good foundation of musical theatre so that if they decide to go into any arts based field they will have those shows for reference. When I first started doing costume work for theatre, I had practically NO sewing ability and was not what you would call a fashionable person BUT I do have a keen sense of history and pop culture and could easily put together looks for an appropriate setting. I want my girls to have a broad range of knowledge about musical theatre.

Movies are important. They make you think about stuff you might not think about. They provide a temporary escape from you life. I've spent so much time watching bad news reports on CNN (seriously DISH and Fox News - get over your pettiness and get me my Fox News back) and it's mentally draining to do the extra research every time I hear a news story that paints conservatives as the reason for everything bad in this world. I must. have. truth!

Second nap of the afternoon, different position
This morning after Little Shop of Horrors  I watched a movie called, "The Way, Way Back" starring Steve Carrell as a jerk of an overbearing boyfriend to a lady who has a 14 year old son. They're spending the Summer at his beach place and although things are rough for the kid, he connects with some people who change his life. It's happy and light. Maybe a little profanity but nothing that was making me reach for the remote every ten seconds.

Then I watched Philomena. This was up for some rewards last year, I can't remember if any of them won but it was a very, very good movie. Basically a young Irish unwed mother gives birth in a convent where she's required to stay and work for four years after the birth and the nuns give her baby up for adoption. It's fifty years later and with the help of a journalist writing a human interest story she attempts to locate her son. It's based on a true story. It takes some unexpected twists and turns because, as we know, truth is always stranger than fiction. I would say probably the best movie I've seen in a long time.

Close up of 2nd nap
After that we watched The Butler - the one last year that had Oprah in it and it was also up for some awards but I can't remember what they won. (Giving truth to the cliche that it's an honor just to be nominated, since I remember nominations but never remember who won!) It was a good movie. Some of it pushed a little too hard. During the parts that involve the Civil Rights Movement it made all White people in the South out to be ignorant and violent and... give me a break. Decent but not my favorite.

Tonight I'm watching The Other Woman - it's where two mistresses and a wife join forces to bring down the guy who was cheating on all of them. Should be a light hearted chick flick. That's what I'm hoping anyways.

Today has been a really hard day pain wise. I'm in so much pain. At times I've thought... I should be in the ER but then I think about the ridiculous amount of money to glue Austin's hand back together and I just... no. I have some money that God has provided for me to see a doctor and at least find out what's causing the EGP (evil gut pain) because this is day 7 or 8 in a row of it not going away,  usually it's here for 2 or 3 days. I've even been giving it my strongest dose available of percocet and it's not making it go away. The pain radiates deep in my left hip - basically think of having a bowl set down in the curve of your hip bone. All the area around and in the bowl hurts. Sometimes it's just a dull ache. Sometimes it's a stabbing pain. Sometimes it's a hot pain like something is trying to burn its' way out. It's radiating down into the top of my thigh and around to my butt. The pain wraps around to my spine and radiates down from the hip bone in the front straight through to my spine.

Having that pain - not getting it under control - has me an emotional wreck today. Tomorrow me and my mom are driving down to spend the night with Cody and Marquee to go to the doctor with Marquee on Monday. It's a big deal for me to be there. I love them so much and I can't spend time with them like I wish. I want to be as supportive and involved in Peanuts life as I am in Cosette's. I want them to be able to say that "your Mimi/Meemaw/Nanny (whatever) loves you so much that she drove 100 miles just to get a peek of your tiny little self" If I'm in the kind of pain tomorrow like I have been today, I can't make that kind of trip. Heck... I had to get my mom and dad to go pick up groceries for me because I haven't been able to get out at all this week. I've barely even been upstairs more than 2 or 3 times this week. I'm really, incredibly immobilized by this EGP. And having that EGP interfere with my time with Cody and Marquee and Peanut makes me ANGRY!  It makes me feel like I have no control of my life, like I'm a huge disappointment and terribly unreliable. I don't want to be THAT grandmother - the one who always has to cancel because of random health issues. It will be a game time decision tomorrow as to whether or not I can make the trip so if you would, send up a few happy thoughts, light a candle, wish on a four leaf clover - whatever brings goodness and makes happy things happen - that I would be able to go - and go without fear - tomorrow.

So today was just a cuddle and rest day. I stayed in my fleece lined leggings and a baggy shirt and  holy sweatshirt. I have completely conserved every ounce of energy for tomorrow. Pictures in today's blog are me cuddling various fur-babies. Hope you enjoy~! And I hope you're enjoying the increased access to Heather's brain. I'm trying to be a better blogger!

Love and hugs and happy thoughts, y'all!


monique said...

I watched Philomina last night. I really liked it and managed not to cry. Then I watched The Other Woman and it was much better than I expected. A nice lift after watching Philo.
I hope you can make it tomorrow. If not, I hope you rest.
Take care,