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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Off The Top Of My Head

Just off the top of my head... It's me! Again! Blogging again! Still nothing terribly exciting to share but I'm here!
Baby Cosette popped off another chain link .... 23 weeks today! That's going fast, isn't it? Baby Peanut Espericueta Sauls notches up on Fridays. He/she is 11 weeks and 4 days today!

I'm still entertaining possibilities for my official Grandparent Name. I watch a vlog where the little girl's grandma is called Grandberry. I like that. Austin's answer was, "whatever Cosette decides to call you". She's one of mine so she'll probably just pass gas and that will end up being my name. GrandToot. I could see that.

The furniture is moving closer to the walls again as we're getting the latest flood dried up. We found a previously undiscovered wet spot so the de-humidifier is still running.  We're so dehydrated that I'm having to put vapo-rub in my nose to prevent nosebleeds. We had so many heaters/fans/etc running earlier today that we flipped the breaker by plugging in my new electric kettle. This thing is cool because I drink hot tea or hot cider (made from a powder mix) all day and instead of nuking my cup every hour, I can just add hot water from the kettle. Also makes killer ramen noodle cups. That's what we had for lunch today. The Whine Cellar kitchenette specializes in dorm room food but I have also had some tasty lean cuisines so it's not all going toward my freshman fifty fifteen. It's been too cold for me to go to the outside freezer for my Luigi's Mango Italian Ice the past few nights.  I make Austin go out and get it. Also... when I went to the store on Sunday I was in a lot of pain and only made it halfway through the store. I started on the left side of the store and gave up after frozen foods so I didn't get any snack food. Nor did I get any sweet potatoes - that's the best specialty of the Whine Cellar Commissary - baked sweet potato with brown sugar and butter. I'll do better on my next trip, whenever that is.

This round of EGP (evil gut pain) is not easing up and I'm about over it. I woke up this morning and wanted to stomp my feet in full blown tantrum but that would hurt. It is better this evening than it was this morning but it still really sucks and has me just on the edge of civility. Pain makes me grumpy. I think I hide it well but I'm definitely not chatty when I'm in pain because I can't think straight. It probably doesn't help that Little Kitty has been my siamese twin today. I only managed to sew a tiny bit today because he gets on the back side of my material and tries to catch the needle when it comes through the fabric. I think he's just cuddly because it's cold. He's particularly fond of the pink robe.

I guess that's about it for today. It's all about quantity not quality, right? A few more pictures for your entertainment... and then Happy Tuesday! Love and hugs, y'all!

My cluttered "dining" area (the only people who eat at this table are the cats). We're going to set the fridge up on concrete blocks so that the next time we have a deluge I'm not up at 4am trying to save the bacon. (there is no bacon in there).

Comedy and Tragedy post New Year partying. Austin did it.

Good night, y'all!


monique said...

Comedy and tragedy...that's a riot!
Your place looks so comfy. I know you are enjoying the fridge and microwave.
Your EGP sounds horrible. Even with all the aches and pains, to be hurting in the tummy is the pits. I hope they find the cause.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your SS to be resolved.
I don't DO facebook. I was wondering if you could just copy and paste your posts from there when you make them. Just a thought. Maybe save you some time and energy.
Take care,