My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What's Up?

Today I enjoyed a really peaceful quiet day. Austin is spending the weekend with Tasha's family (PROGRESS!) so my Whine Cellar has had less um... animation... than usual. I had French Toast Crunch cereal for breakfast. I had Lean Cuisine Thai Spring Rolls for lunch. Mama and Daddy have a new waffle iron so we had the BEST waffles for dinner.

I've watched Figure Skating on TV today.

I watched a really funny video of Rick Steves "Irreverent History of the Travel Business" on You Tube. It's an hour and a half but really interesting and fun to watch.

I watched a Book Discussion on a book called The Innovators. It's the history of the people who created the computer and the internet. Honestly, I would probably not have picked it off the shelf of the library to borrow but after listening to his presentation I want to know MORE about these people.

I watched the movie Lost In Yonkers, originally a play by Neil Simon. I got completely absorbed in the story. I want to costume that play. It's two young boys whose mother has died and their father takes them to live with their grandmother so he can take a job that earns enough to pay off their mother's medical bills. The family dynamics are hilarious. I mean... dysfunction WWII style.

I sewed on my current cross stitch project for about 3-4 hours. I just haven't had those 8 hour days in me here lately. I'm making steady progress but it's not going as fast as I want. I am loving the way this one is turning out - the colors are bright and spring-like.

As of yesterday Peanut is officially a 2nd trimester fetus! 14 weeks and growin'! Can't wait to find out who he/she is so that I can feel bonded in the way that I do with Cosette. Cosette is 25 weeks gestation. We're gettin' there! Grow babies, grow!

My mom is exhausted because Lily, the dog with cancer is just not comfortable. She cries all night. Lily, not my mom. We may have to make a difficult decision about Lily because I don't know how much more my mom can take.

When I posted my favorite Vlogs the other day, I got a little note from a long time blog-reader - and blog friend from AOL J-land. Her daughter has a Vlog on Youtube and my friend can't be a grandma unless the vlog does well. So... give a grandma-in-waiting what she needs... and go visit Alicia's Vlog. She's second generation social media and her mom's blog always cracked me up! There are a group of about a dozen of us that connected via AOL who truly, still interact on a daily basis. They're my Blogger Babes and Mother Hens.

And that's all that's up. That I can think of. Happy Saturday! Love and hugs!