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My People
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Reasons To Love Monday

Remember these literary masterpieces from a few years back? I was on a hamster wheel... working full time, raising a teenager who had his own agenda, working at a place that wasn't all goodness and light but I was gonna fake it until I could make it. Life was hard. Money was tight. I kept trying to find a balance and failing at everything. Saturday and Sunday was my salvation. A time to sort it all out and rest and watch tv and do some chores to get me ahead for the next week. I was footloose and fancy free.

And then Monday would come and I would literally feel the yoke landing heavy on my neck. Five more days before a break. Five days of trying to motivate my kid to get his education. Five days of trying to be a model employee. Five days of fitting daily errands into my lunch hour. I gotta be honest - I hated Monday. Monday was a big hairy monster standing in between me and my next weekend. Once my back pain ramped up Monday was the renewal of suffering after spending all weekend trying to get over it.

Here's a link from around the time my back pain first started: The Way Back Machine

I read through a few entries and I felt the stress all over again. Life is hard now but life was WAY harder then. So even though every day in my life now is a Saturday or a Sunday, I still owe some love to the much maligned Monday. So I give you the Revival of REASONS TO LOVE MONDAY.

1. I slept until I wanted to get up this morning. About seven-thirty.
2 I had time to take a nice long shower.
3. I dressed in leggings and a tunic with a hoodie over it all. My dress code here in the Whine Cellar is aaaaawesome!
4. I had to do a mini-glam session since my hair was wet but I took a break half way through and went back to it later in the day.
5. My mom came down and gathered up my dirty laundry to do it for me.
6. The biggest thing on my agenda today was cross stitching a project for a friend.
7. Since today is MLK Day C-span is running BookTV all day. My favorite channel!
8. Texted with Cody and Marquee today. She is doing much better. Still a little nausea but she is finally able to eat.
9. Angie, Sarabeth and Jamie came over to hangout this afternoon. We played Apples to Apples which is a really fun game. I'll explain that in another post.
10. Sarabeth tried on Grandma's wedding gown and it would not fit. She's healthy, trim, athletic - but tall for her age. Grandma was (and is) a tiny little sample of a woman. The last time I tried on her wedding dress I was 13 and weighed about 105. I could *almost* get into it but not zip it up. That dress is 69 years old. Bizarre. It *might* fit Jamie right now but I'm not even sure. It's so tiny.
11. The Evil Gut Pain has been low/minor today. It's still there but ok.
12. My disc pain is worse - having a lot of muscle spasms and cramps but didn't have to take the hard stuff to get through the day.
13. My mom brought dinner down for me so I didn't have to climb the stairs. Climbing stairs is about the absolutely worst thing for my back. Sometimes I just have to go up there but my mom is so good about sparing me trips up and down wherever she can.
14. Although Austin isn't *quite* where I want him to be in his life, at least I don't have to go through all the drama of waking him up every day. He is pleasant most of the time and works really hard around here. And he is SOOOO excited about his baby girl!
15. A friend who is having trouble with her teenage daughter was able to get some professional help today. It had been a huge source of stress for her. It will still be an ongoing process but they are at least on the right path.
16. Tasha was able to change her appointment with the perinatologist to earlier in the day and that will make that 120 mile round trip much easier on us. Less traffic.

And now Little Kitty is demanding my undivided attention and is trying to randomly punch keys to change what I'm typing so... that's it for today, folks. Share with me a few of your own reasons to love Monday.  Gotta post this quick before it disappears. He's pushing every key he can get his little white socks on.

Have a happy Tuesday, too, y'all!
Love and Hugs!