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My People
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Least Favorite Things

I am so glad it's Whiny Wednesday because I have a list all ready to go! Sometimes this blog just writes itself... You know how Oprah has(had) her My Favorite Things show once a year and gave everything she featured to her audience. I imagine that was UH-lot of fun! Well, this is my LEAST favorite things blog entry and I promise I will NOT give you what I talk about today.

1. Pharmaceuticals. Hate them. Don't want to take them. They make me gain weight and don't give me the one hundred percent completely back to normal recovery I want. BUMMER!

2. Cat litter. Two cats - 1 litter box - no matter how often we change it completely, no matter what litter we use... inevitably there's gonna be a smell. OoooOOo that smell... can't you smell that smell?

3. The little subscription cards that come inside magazines. I've bought your magazine already. Leave me alone.

4. Mean people. Continuing from yesterday's theme. There is one girl in school in particular that treats Austin like something she dragged in from the pasture on her boot... and what's worse... she treats Austin's girlfriend unkindly because of her association with Austin... how I wish I could go back in time and be nicer. I wasn't out and out mean but there were a lot of people I just flat out ignored... or failed to intervene when others were being mean. And I know of at least two of our high school classmates who committed suicide, in part because of how they were treated in high school.

5. Being gimpy. I hate it. I hate when I go to pick something up and realize I can't. I hate that I don't feel like jumping in my car and going on a road trip. I hate that every step is painful most days. I hate that I'm so exhausted by pain that I limp in the door at the end of the day and that my kid is stuck here because I'm too tired to drive. Not fair.

6. Being shorthanded at work. It's taking a toll on the three of us... mentally, physically... I had a miserable headache yesterday that went from my temples all the way down my spine. I was popping ibuprofen like m&m's and I couldn't get rid of it. It made me fuzzy... made the simplest tasks much more difficult and I have no doubt that I made mistakes... yet... there was no way I could leave. We were just too busy. We still have the same production goals, the same number of customers, same responsibilities (plus some)... we just have two fewer people than we did last year.

7. Summer heat. ENOUGH already. I was hoping for a brush of the outer bands of Irene to bring us some good soaking rains and temporary cooling. .

8. Political rhetoric. Who do you believe? How can you tell? Who has the time to sort through it all? Certainly not your average working American voter. The unemployed and under-employed might. Not this girl. I try to catch the last ten minutes of The Five on Fox every evening. I try to catch snippets of a variety of different perspectives throughout the day but still... too many lies, too much misleading information, too much racism (that cuts both ways) and we have 15 more months of it.

9. Dizziness, headaches, aching hands and feet, hip pain, spine pain, muscle spasms, chest congestion, muscle weakness, exhaustion... I'm dealing with at least four of these at any given moment. I told you I wasn't going to share from my least favorite things list... aren't you glad? Who wants any of that junk? Not me. Not me at all. Had enough. Been there, bought the t-shirt. I want to be whole and strong and not be Aunt No-Show and Mommy No-Show and Less Productive Worker and Home-churched... all the titles I'm wearing because of the turn my life has taken. I hate it.

10. Selfishness. Lack of compassion. Inability to see beyond yourself. Myself. In a world filled with suffering... Lord, make my focus less on what I can't do, but more on what I CAN do. Help me to look beyond my own challenges and see those who are hurting, those I can encourage, those I could help. Let me use what I have learned to help others. Burden my heart Lord for those less capable, less fortunate, the unloved and the lonely. Let me see their pain and let me meet them there... and lift them up... just as I am continually lifted up.

What's bugging you today?
Hope your troubles are few and your victories are many!
Love and hugs, y'all!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

My biggest unfavorite things today is: I am letting a friend of my daughters stay at my house & today found out that their boyfriend posted some very nasty stuff about me on f.b. and it what he posted was taken out of context of what now I wonder what else "the friend" has been saying? He is living in my house for free, being fed, and all the other essentials....kinda pis*ed me off.

Heather said...

UGH! Why are people so mean?