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My People
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

newsday tuesday, washing machine on the porch blues day

Just updating to say that I'm setting out to buy hoses on lunch! Wish me luck!
Updating again to say that I got the hoses but now Austin has lost our mailbox key - insurance check in the mailbox - takes an act of congress to get new mailbox key - Heather wants to cry. Been a heckuva morning... half staff and crazy busy... had to take a short lunch to get back to the office and had to use half that lunch buying hoses. Seriously... standing in the need of prayer.

Wet pool bread? My favorite!
teehee... I love that commercial.

It's about the lottery so it may not be played in your area.

I'm also loving - his blog about Stuff Christians Like cracks me up.

He's part of Dave Ramsey's staff but he's like the lighter side of Dave Ramsey. (not that I don't like or appreciate Dave Ramsey, I just find all that economic stuff a bit "heavy")

Have you heard of Angel Food Ministries? - You purchase food through a local rep site (usually churches) by shopping online. They set a delivery day and you go to pick it up. I'm thinking of trying it.

This debt bill is so convoluted that reps on both sides are against it... I think nobody really knows what it will mean or who is supposed to be in favor of it.

Of course, in our "Pass the bill and then we can find out what's in it" culture... does any legislation really mean anything? By the time anything is implemented, it's a twisted, perverted version of what was intended.

What happened to "I'm just a bill, I am only a bill and I'm sitting here on Capital Hill..."

And Joe Biden.... calling Tea Party members "terrorists"... just put the exclamation point on his ineffectiveness as a Vice President.

Really... is this the kind of change you were expecting? WORSE partisan politics? Name calling?

Has anyone YET referred to Fort Hood Shooters 1 or 2 as terrorists?

People who want responsible spending and less government are terrorists? I call them Patriots.

It's still hot.

My washing machine is still on my porch and I'm beginning to panic about it. The handy man told the delivery people to leave it on the porch... he told them he had hoses for it....he told me he'd come Saturday to hook it up. Yesterday Austin asked him when we were going to be able to get it hooked up and he said, "whenever your mother gets the hoses".

Yikes. I panicked. I don't know nothin' about buying washing machine hoses. I have this perfectly good washing machine sitting out in the elements and I am powerless to do anything about it.

I kept asking Austin, "didn't he say he had hoses? did I imagine that? why didn't he let them just go ahead and take it in my house?"

And there's still water in the light fixture.

I don't want to be the squeaky wheel. I don't want to complain or cause trouble.

I just feel kind of helpless and vulnerable.

Austin has gone on strike. I guess he thinks that we're done with the moving process and he can just chill out and enjoy his new tv and xbox.

I probably should have waited on buying the xbox until we were completely moved in.

I know it's just the mean ole devil saying, "this girl has had it too easy... I meant to crush her spirit and here she is happier than ever"

Four weeks since the fire. I mean, we weren't SUPPOSED to be settled in and thriving at this point.

That washer and dryer are my last hump to get over and it's just not going like it's supposed to but I'm not gonna let it get me down.

I'm just going to come against this last bit of opposition, this last flaming dart thrown at me... I'm coming against it with prayer and I know that THIS TOO shall pass.

God has a plan. Washer on the porch? God can fix that.

Uncooperative teenager? God can fix that too.

Standing strong in faith is what I do, not because I'm that strong but because it's EASIER to stand strong in faith than to collapse in disbelief.

Helps me keep perspective.

I worked really hard yesterday... lots going on... hectic... talked myself hoarse... and I walk in the door to find that Austin still hadn't done what I'd asked him to do on Saturday. He started in on the "take out food" pleas... "can we order chinese?" they don't deliver out here. "can we order pizza?" they don't deliver out here. "can you go pick some up?" I'm tired, Austin. It's hot outside. That's why I bought the exact groceries you requested so you had what you wanted to eat. "I'm out of coke"... I can't help you. I can't pick up cokes. "Let's go now to Walmart and we'll stock up". I stocked up early Sunday when you refused to get up and go with me. What I couldn't carry, you don't get.

And that's the way it is... Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011. Hope you have a good one. *hugs*


Red*Hot@52! said...

Buying washer hoses is easy....they are pretty much universal.....Walmart may even carry them.....good luck with it....