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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reasons to Love Monday!

It's Monday again. Yippee. I mean, YIPPEEEE!!! Still working on getting the attitude straight but I'll get there. I'd be tad bit happier if Austin had done the dishes I asked him to do on Saturday, but, you're gonna have a little dissension in the ranks from time to time. I'll get him back, believe me.

I spent yesterday focused on making some progress with the unpacking/sorting. I may have mentioned... the restoration people laundered EVERYTHING we own... so those big rubbermaid containers of clothes that are four sizes too small were laundered and integrated with my muumuus and fat jeans. All hanging in my closet. And what stinks is that they put that dry cleaning plastic wrap over every 4-5 pieces and bundled them together which makes it hard for me to lift. I had asked Austin to help bring everything out of my closet but he just... well, he seems to be focusing on his own projects... so I broke down yesterday and did it. I think I've sorted out the clothes that don't fit and have them still on hangars, ready for the consignment sale this fall. I still haven't gotten my closet in color order but it will come soon.

We never made it to Hofers for breakfast yesterday. Austin fell back asleep and slept until 2. I thought letting him sleep would put him in a cooperative mood. My plan did not succeed. I think I'm down to about 12 boxes to sort through... so we're making progress. I've replaced all the material things that had to be replaced and now I'm just down to replacing/refilling the pantry items, spices and such. I need a spice rack... need to hang my doll shelf (which will take a level, a stud finder and two screws)... need to hang curtains in my room and the living room. Have the living room curtain but no rod... we're really making progress.

Time is getting away from me... let's bite the bullet and come up with Reasons to Love Monday:

1. no boxes to unpack at work
2. we had a very productive week last week and I'm hoping to ride that wave on through August.
3. this is the last full week that Austin has off of school...
4. My washing machine should/could be installed today... not that I don't love it on the porch...
5. the cats are finally bonding. the fire really upset Lish but he's doing better and is less skittish now
6. CHERRIES! I'm loving the fresh cherries that are in the market now. I could eat a pound a day. If they're bad for you in some way, don't tell me. I'm in love with cherries.
7. We're facing another week of miserably hot weather. I have to throw this in again: I'm thankful for air conditioning. Otherwise... ugh. I haven't been able to brown bag much because it's just nigh on impossible to have a car picnic in this heat. Eating at the office is a lousy idea because no matter what, you end up getting interrupted. I need my time away.
8. It's August... which means that we're getting closer to one of my favorite things: COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!
9. My Cousin Dixie (ok, first cousin once removed but when I say stuff like that, you folks that don't live in the south don't understand... she is the daughter of my first cousin, Melissa) anyways... Dixie is in law school AND she just registered for medical school too! I believe, and correct me, Uncle Bill, if I'm wrong, that would make her the most highly educated Pennington descendant. Sending her lots of prayers and happy thoughts. She's so brave!
10. I did a load of laundry at Jim and Angie's on Saturday and used their detergent which means that my clothes smell like Sarabeth and Jamie... and I love their sweet little smell (except for when they've been playing outside and have that "outdoor smell" to them.
11. Had a sweet facebook exchange with Purple Michael and his BF Hoot (aka Ross) about how connected I feel to them, even when we go for months without chatting... (and it hasn't been that long, just a few weeks). I have a few other friends like that... that I know, no matter how much time lapses, whenever we get back in touch the bond is still as strong, we slip right back into the same friendship... no awkwardness. I love that. I'm working to make those same connections with my cousins so that if we come together for sad times in the future, we have enough of a connection to truly be able to comfort one another.
12. I found my camera charger! Pics to come very soon!

The sun is up... gotta put my game face on and get ready to conquer the world! Or... just maybe Demorest.

Love and hugs, y'all!