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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, August 7, 2011

random Sunday stuff

My joints all hurt. Bad. Like... I don't want to move unless I have to but being still makes it hurt worse when I do have to move. I didn't sleep well last night... every time I'd get to sleep either Austin with his rattling around would wake me up... or Lex-uh-Lish-us Kitty would do a welfare check on me and try to pry my eyes open. He's such a love... the kitty, I mean. Well, Austin too. But Lish just can't stand not to be close to me and can't stand not to get my undivided attention. Even now... he's perched between me and the computer... trying to get me to stop typing and pet him instead.

Austin just roams in and out of his room all night and I hear the doors opening and shutting. His doorknob sticks so he'll either jerked hard on it to open it or push it really hard to shut it, waking me up. Sometime around 2am he woke me up to ask where something was. School starts on Wednesday and I've got a feeling he's going to be one very sleepy and grumpy kid for a few days (the entire school year).

I did my first load of laundry in my new washing machine this morning. Still don't have a dryer so I bought one of those old fashioned drying racks to dry my clothes on. It will take for ever and I'm going to have to iron everything so this is definitely not a good long term solution... but at least I'm not scrubbing my clothes in the bathtub. Or hauling everything to a laundrymat in this heat. I mean, it could be worse.

I got three more boxes unpacked yesterday. Four if you count the huge box with three purses in it that had to be sent back to the restoration people because they didn't get the smoke smell out. Six if you count the two boxes of textile items that couldn't be salvaged that had been on my porch. I finally threw them into the Herbie Curbie (the trashcan).

I made a Walmart run on my own which was a bad idea but it had to be done. Bad idea because all the heavy lifting (such as a gallon of milk) really compressed my back and hurt like the dickens. I bought a coat rack that needs to be hung behind the living room door since we don't have a coat closet. I bought a shower rack and over the sink rack since our bathroom storage is minimal. I have a couple of things that need to be hung by someone who knows how to anchor things properly in the wall... such as the coat rack.

At any rate... we're getting there. I've got three huge boxes to put in the Super Consignment sale... and I've got to get busy tagging my stuff. Just one month until the sale... and that will help move a good bit of stuff out of here. If you want more info on the sale, go to - I'm a bit confused by the instructions on how to hang things and I'm sure that's partly because I'm left handed! Ha!

Austin asked for a hard drive for his xbox so we went on a wild goose chase yesterday trying to find one. He doesn't need the mack daddy one - and I can find smaller ones on but he was sure we could find one in town. Not so much. We got stuck in a bunch of back to school shopper traffic and then made the epic bad decision to go into Helen. People who live here never go into Helen on a weekend unless they are working in Helen. The tourist traffic is ridiculous. But... that's what we did... went into Helen and had lunch at a German restaurant and then took the long, scenic route home. It was a nice day and I was glad to spend time with my kid... my senior. *sob*

Afterwards Austin watched the kids next door while their parents were working on something. I think Austin said "accounting" but he might have meant bill paying - at any rate - they were there, they were just inside and Austin watched the kids outside. They have a little splash pool so Austin just sat outside with the kids while they played. We had bought them bubbles... and every few minutes I'd see bubbles float by my window... so I knew they were enjoying them. Little Alex next door is starting kindergarten next week and his little sister Sophie is a tiny little doll. I overheard Alex say to Austin, "you're my BEST friend!!!" It was too sweet. Austin has infinite patience with them. Every afternoon, after work, they come by and pick out a stuffed animal from my vast collection to "spend the night" with them. They bring it back the next day. It's all very neighborly and quite the opposite of our previous home.

Though... I will say that I was a bit exasperated yesterday afternoon when I was in maximum chill mode and my feet were aching like walking on broken glass with every step... and Alex kept knocking on the door looking for Austin ... who was taking his late afternoon nap.

I think when the bible says, "It was not good for man to be alone"... it was wasn't just talking about Adam needing a little homemaker for the Garden of Eden. I think engaging in your community is a very good thing. It has been such a comfort to me the way our faith community has stepped up and been there for Austin and I during this short time we've lived in the mountains. Those are the kind of kindnesses you need to pay forward... so if I have to get up out of my nest every now and then, it's not such a bad thing.

I have a new guilty tv watching pleasure: Dance Moms. This is a group of over the top pushy stage moms who seem to spend every dime and every waking moment helping their daughters live out mommy's dream. I've been in the whole Dance Mom environment ... and there were definitely some over the top moms in our group... people for whom money was no object and life revolved around their kid. I've seen Little League Moms and Dad's be just as over the top. I think, in general, any parent whose life is entirely intertwined in their kids' lives needs to get a life. Trust me... there comes a day when there are no more dance classes and no more little league games and you have to be able to generate your own relationships beyond the parents of your kids' peers.

I'm also still wrapped up in watching Teen Moms, the original season. I think Farrah and her mom have come a long way in learning to relate to each other and I find that encouraging. I think Amber is a trainwreck. I'm not sure how I feel about Maci but her boyfriend Kyle really is a dream of a step parent in how genuinely he interacts with Bentley. Catelyn needs to cut back on the pizza.

Austin has become quite the food police with me. He really worries about how my weight is affecting my back pain... and that is a valid concern... however... today my worst pain is in my hands and wrists and elbows and that has nothing to do with being overweight, I don't think. I see the pain doctor on Wednesday and *although* I do not want to add any more meds to me regimen, I really need this joint pain issue to be addressed.

Anyways... so that's what's up around here in our happy little nest in the woods. One more day of R&R for me and I'm soaking it up like a dry sponge... then back to work tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend! Love and hugs!