My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

newsday tuesday

It's time to catch up on all the news from the nest and around the world...

Today two of my brothers and their respective spouses celebrate their wedding anniversaries... Michael and Mechelle celebrate fifteen years (I think) and David and Katherine celebrate nine years. I love all my brothers... being the only girl made me sort of junior mommy in the house for my younger brothers and Bubba and I were best friends growing up. However... Michael and David are the two brothers that I haven't seen in years... where Bubba and Bryan keep closer tabs on me and vice versa.

We've been in our new nest for a month now. Other than the massive National Geographic worthy cockroach that I did battle with last week, I love this new place. This place just feels like home to me. I still have some unpacking/sorting work to do but... I'll get there.

The child support embargo continues. Not a word from the paternal parent.

Payday for me today although it's going to be a little delayed due to some mandatory meeting that D has to attend. I had a slight moment of disappointment as I was one hundred percent determined to go plunk down my money for a dryer on my lunch break today and get delivery scheduled ASAP. I told D that this must mean that I wasn't supposed to buy that dryer then. I was honestly thinking that it would go on sale later in the week or something...

Well... yesterday afternoon Bubba emailed me to let me know that our Youth Pastor's in-laws DO in fact have a dryer for us and they will deliver it TODAY! Coincidence? I don't think so! So the money I was going to use for a dryer can go to car maintenance... I think it's time for new brakes and it's definitely time for a tune up... i just have to work out the logistics of leaving the car and picking it up and not having to spend a day at the repair shop.

Austin has attended school four days in a row... 17o to go. We can do it!

The new miracle drug that was supposed to make me feel better is killing my digestive system. I try to avoid subjects that include TMI (too much information) so as to spare those who know me in real life so they don't think about my bathroom habits every time they see me... HOWEVER... this stuff is giving me abdominal cramps so intense that for a couple of hours yesterday I couldn't stand up straight. I'm told if I can just hang on thru the first couple of weeks, it will get better. I'm running out of options with Western Medicine and am desperate to alleviate some of this pain I've been living with... I won't trade pain for pain, though. It's counter-productive.

I'm aggravated that Obama spent 2.2 million dollars for armored buses so he could be Campaigner in Chief. He needs a bus tour to know what "real" Americans want? It's jobs. J-O-B-S. Not "shovel-ready" temporary government jobs... it's real American business owners with real confidence in the economy who are not afraid to bring someone on staff... able to expand their business... not fearful of pending legislative changes that will cripple them such as Obamacare. Why is this so difficult?

My budget is easy to balance: you pay the bills with the biggest impact on your life first... whatever is going to get taken away or turned off, that's what you pay. Next, you pay the things that you owe. After that, you have discretionary funds for things like... oh, I dont know... a 2.2 million dollar bus...

Anyways... thinking happy thoughts today... gonna play a few games before I have to wake Austin. Hope you have a great day... what's new in your life?

Love and hugs?