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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reasons to Love Monday... home sweet home

It's here again... and I have to tell you.... I'm ready for a three day weekend. Fortunately we have one on the horizon... two weeks from now I'll be writing a "reasons to love Monday - holiday edition"... But for now, it's just a regular old RTLM... here goes:

1. We are not having staff meeting this morning. Not that I don't LOVE staff meetings... I just don't love being at work early on Monday. That's all. Thirty minutes more weekend!

2. I believe this new drug I'm on is working better than anything we've tried so far. It may be the combination of drugs is finally right. I don't know. I'm feeling stronger and the pain is better. I hate to jinx it but this may be the ticket. I'm still on a lower dose because they ease you into it to minimize the side effects... and last week the side effects were painful abdominal cramps. I've figured out that if I stay very well hydrated I don't get the cramps. Once the cramps eased up, I realized my back (and hands and feet) weren't hurting as bad. It's expensive... but... it's not narcotic and it doesn't make me feel like i have medicine head... and it helps. If you want to look it up (or use it) it's called savella.

3. Our house looks so much better... there are still boxes in my room that have to be sorted through and a few in Austin's closet ... but the main living areas of the house look great and it feels like home. It actually feels more like home than the duplex ever did. I just need a pink Christmas tree to complete the look...

4. I've felt stronger over the past week or so and have therefore had better production numbers at work. I'm not financially motivated but I am competitive. I like to win. I feel like I'm winning again.

5. Fall and all that it entails are right around the corner... it won't be many more Mondays until I can break out the cute boots and tights...

6. With every day that passes we're that much closer to the College Football season! Go Gators!

7. Austin was so cooperative this weekend. I'm so thankful for his help in getting the house in order... his help with the cooking... his cooperation with shopping. It makes a huge difference.

8. With Austin's help and some financial blessings we were able to have a real grocery shopping trip. I had been shopping for a day or two at a time and that's taxing on me. Having a fully stocked pantry and full stocked fridge makes it feel more like home.

9. We had been calling the new kitty every name in the book. His tag says, "Lex" but Austin called him Little Sh*t or LS for short. I called him Lish - for Lexilicious - so I was still incorporating Austin's name. This is a really big deal to Austin. He gets crazy offended if you call a cat other than the name he gives it. Yesterday I was cuddling the kitty and said, "you are so much trouble!" and Austin said, "that's it! his name should be trouble" and so it is. He's a doll baby... so curious... a little hunter... There will never be a cat that takes Bitty's place in my heart but this baby - Trouble - comes close.

10. When I moved here from Jacksonville, my sweet friend Amy, aka Vicky Lynn, gave me the contents of her mother's kitchen - her mother had recently passed away and her stuff was in boxes in Amy's garage. To my delight, her mother had a teapot collection... which is awesome because I collect teacups... I decided yesterday to set the table with a collection that had almost the full set... it's in the picture above. I need some placemats for it but as it is, it's really precious and it feels so much like home!

So that's the list for this week... five long work days stretch before me and I know that inevitably there will be pain, there will be struggle, there will be obstacles and there will be frustration but at the end of the day... I can come home and enjoy this beautiful place that God has provided for us.

Have a great week, y'all! Love and hugs!