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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

whiny wednesday... you're invited to a pity party

I'm really tired of summer. It's time for the seasons to change.

Today is my brother Bryan's birthday. On the way home yesterday I was calculating Bryan's age... letseeeee... born in 1978, which makes him ... hmmmm.... 33... but that would make me 43???

I have a theory that women don't necessarily lie about their age... they just forget.

Today is also my nephew Caleb's birthday. He's 7... and that means our Jamie doll will soon be 7 as they were born just a few months apart. I had such great hopes that they would be "best cousins" having been born so close together. I don't think they really even know each other. Occasionally Sarabeth, Jamie and myself will review "who are the people in our family" and I always mention Elizabeth, Caleb, Madie and Joshua... although they don't really know them. Which always makes me sad...

Anyways... it's been a physically trying week for me so far... it's just my reality, unfortunately, when I don't rest enough on the weekend, the pain is far worse during the week. Every now and then I need to get out with the three dimensional people which means every now and then I'm going to suffer a bit more. I'm battling a sore throat and earache as well... and if there were enough hours in the day for dealing with such things, I would make a doctor appointment to check those out. There just isn't time.

The plan is for Austin to go back to school today... I'll take him and pick him up. This is not a workable plan long term because it's waaaay out of the way and will burn quite a bit of gas and put me on the road much longer than I wanna be or feel like being BUT... hopefully he will be able to line up a ride home on Thursday and Friday with his friends who drive. As much as I hate putting him in the car with an inexperienced driver... my options are to either have him miss more school, have me miss more work or let him catch a ride. Single parenting is not for the faint of heart. The rules change when you're a single mom... you just do the best you can.

Watching the Atlanta news in the morning makes me glad I live 90 miles away from Atlanta. Not that there isn't any crime here... there just isn't MUCH.

It's Whiny Wednesday... I think I've whined enough without making a list today.... but... I'll give it a shot:

1. The cat pulled down my bedroom curtains... must be re-hung.
2. Austin didn't empty the dishwasher as requested last night.
3. Payday is tomorrow... (ok, that's a blessing not a whine... but it's owed out as soon as it comes in)
4. I'm tired and sick and in pain and the last thing in the world I want to do is drive all the way across the county twice today but ... there's no one to do it except me.
5. I don't get to see either of my relatives with birthdays today... I miss my brother and my little nephew.
6. I've still got to inventory and tag the clothes for the Super Consignment Sale in two weeks.
7. My head hurts. That information belongs with the earlier comment (#4) but I forgot to mention it back then.
8. Gosh I'm tired. And discouraged. And exhausted. And redundant.
9. I dreamed about Purple Michael last night which made me wake up missing him.
10. The cat formerly known as Lex and/or Lish, now more accurately named Trouble just came slinking out of the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper in his mouth. Apparently he was going to have a party...

Ok.... enough of that. Time to bring this pity party to an end and put on my big girl drawers and deal with it.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!