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My People
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

newsday tuesday

Well... it's Tuesday which means I survived Monday... but just barely. I was in a lot of pain yesterday and we were busy busy busy at work. The day went by quickly and I came home completely exhausted. But it's done. Monday is over for this week.

Today is my sweet Cody's birthday - 21 years old. Long time blog readers and real life friends are shaking their heads, just like me, how could Cody be 21? Funny thing about kids... you feed them, water them, give them a little sunshine and ballpark dirt and they grow up before you know it. They had a little party for Cody over the weekend but I wasn't able to drive down for it. Bummed about that... but... it is my life for now.

Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep.

When I pulled up to the house yesterday Ellen was on her porch, Austin was on our porch and James was on his porch... it's like the whole building was outside watching for me to come home. Even Trouble (the cat formerly known as Lex-i-lish-us) was at my window meowing for me. It was kinda funny. I mean, they weren't REALLY waiting on me but it was still funny.

James' wife, Maribel, who is Columbian (and beautiful and incredibly kind) had made some kind of stew... they sent over a big bowl for mine and Austin's dinner. It was delicious! I love our neighbors.

Austin's foot is still very painful. I'm having a major logistical dilemma because he really needs to go back to school tomorrow and there is no way he can walk to the bus stop and back. I'm not sure he can navigate the halls at school either but at least that's indoors. I can easily take him to the bus stop but picking him up would require me to leave work at 4pm. Actually... a little before. AND since our office is shorthanded... if I leave early, it creates a burden for my co-workers. So my options are: keep my kid out of school... make my kid go to school and suffer walking home from the bus stop... or be the office deadbeat again/still.

Being a working mom means you always have to make these kind of decisions. You're always letting someone down. It's frustrating.

My belly is unsettled this morning. Gonna be a golden day!

I've got to do some additional research on Rick Perry.

I've found a lady who lives in our neighborhood who has some clothes to give away in my size, which, you may have noticed from the pictures from Saturday, my size has increased. I'm not thrilled about it... I definitely haven't "given up"... but I'm dealing with several medications that cause weight gain... and those are medications that... for now... I can't function without. If I leave even one dose of one drug out of my regimen, I am barely able to walk. It's not good. Weight gain makes my back hurt... missing meds makes my back hurt... it's a vicious cycle.

I love Stuart Varney. He's such a chipper fella.

As of midday yesterday Ryan's power was still out. He is in Zionsville, PA. They lost power, had a few trees down and had some basement flooding.

Why is prayer no longer acceptable in America? Seems like every day there's a new news story with some big hullaballou about people not being able to pray here or there. It's one thing to force someone to pray... but if people, as a group, determine that they want to anoint their gathering with a word of prayer, why is that such a big deal? Prayer is like Kegel exercises... I can do it without you even knowing it.

No, I'm not going to explain what Kegel exercises are. Look it up.

I've got to do more research about what foods help with inflammation and what foods aggravate it. I had a lot of tomatoes yesterday and I was at a whole new level of pain.

Have I mentioned that there is a three day weekend coming? I will probably mention it every day this week. Not that I don't love my job... and appreciate the fact that I have a job when so many don't... just that working is so painful. Nobody likes pain. Well. Maybe some people do but I'm not one of them.

I guess that's all the "news" for now. Hope you have an awesome Tuesday. Love and hugs!


Wendy in Oz said...

Heather do you get vacation leave? You have been at this place for two years now surely you must have some vacation time saved up. Maybe now would be a good time to take a week or two to help yourself sort everything out. Just thinking of you and how much more you can take.

Love and Hugs


life with bobbi d said...

I loved your post it made me smile