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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 5, 2011

friday follies

The saga of the key continues. Our mailman called yesterday and said he had an extra key for our box and would deliver it to our apartment. He did. Austin checked it and it didn't work. I called the mailman back (he is now saved in my cellphone under "mailman" - teehee) and he sounded tired and frustrated and asked that we leave it where we found it and he'd try it today and make sure it works.

I want to get that insurance check deposited because we still haven't had the big pantry restocking grocery run, although I did buy a few spices yesterday at the Dollar General - 2 for a dollar. Yet... truthfully... I know that things come to us in God's timing and not mine so I'm trusting that there is nothing in that box that can't wait.

I have a friend who is moving this weekend... her first relocation as a single mom after a contentious divorce. My heart is heavy for her as she struggles like I do with back pain and she doesn't have much in the way of help. Those of you who pray, would you pray for her? These kind of things are so overwhelming for us single girls... so much to do and only yourself to do it

And my beloved Purple Michael is having surgery on August 16th... please pray all goes well and he doesn't suffer... I hate for people I love to suffer. And I love him a lot.

There is a family in the Atlanta area that has lost their mom... they have several kids with special needs who they adopted and now the dad has been left to tend to their care. You can see more about them at

I just had to run Austin out of my room. He is still in summer vampire mode and is wide awake and wired when I wake up. It's very difficult to write a blog that makes any sense when I have constant Austin pop-ups... "hey mom... did you know you can put a 2 liter coke in the freezer and it won't start to freeze until you tap it?" "hey mom... can we have pizza for dinner?"... "hey mom... can we go to Game Stop this weekend?" "hey mom... can I have a tool kit?" All of this in the time it took me to type the few paragraphs above. I love him and appreciate that he wants to talk to me. I just want him to have empathy to realize that the first hour of my morning is MINE.

I'm thinking about buying one of those indoor clothes drying racks until I can procure a dryer. You can order them off amazon. It wouldn't be a waste because I could still use it to dry things that shouldn't go in the dryer. I'm concerned that things might sour if they don't go directly into a dryer but... we'll see.

Have I mentioned that our Holly has taken a teaching job and left the wonderful world of State Farm? She will pop back in occasionally so she's not gone forever but we will definitely miss her. She's one of those people that does whatever she can without trying to "hot potato" work off on her co-workers. Worth her weight in gold. Another co-worker has been dealing with a sick baby so it was just me and Shirley in the office yesterday which was HECTIC in the morning and really not bad at all in the afternoon. I'm struggling with pain this week but not feeling dizzy, which helps a lot. Although... when I got home after work I pretty much went straight to bed.

And the heat goes on... there were a lot of folks out working in the heat when I took lunch yesterday and it breaks my heart for them. I was tempted to take water to them but I saw that they all had a cooler nearby. White County High School band was practicing indoors when we went there Wednesday for Austin's meeting. It was horribly noisy but was a better idea than practicing outside.

The stock market dropped so severely yesterday... I thought that raising the debt limit was supposed to prevent that? They said the average 401k lost $11,000 - mine doesn't have that much in it... so I guess I lost less. One good thing about being poor... you can't lose what you never had in the first place.

Anyways... it's Friday... no matter how bad it is, no matter how hectic... no matter how bad it hurts... in just over 12 hours I'll be back in the nest. It's been a busy week but a successful one. I've felt productive at work, even if I've been worthless afterwards. I'm grateful for all that God has done in our lives and thankful for how far He's brought us. One month ago our house caught fire... and now, here we are... right where we belong.

Praying you have a Fabulous Friday and a Wonderful Weekend! Love and hugs!