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My People
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Friday, August 19, 2011


40 acres and a mule.

A chicken in every pot.

I have been musing over the concept of Government Assistance since yesterday... and a lot last night as I couldn't sleep...

In my opinion, we have raised a culture of people on the take, who are unable to provide for themselves, who look to the government as the answer to their every problem. And as the number of people dependent on Uncle Sam for their livelihood grows... their voting power grows... and they continue to elect people who will continue the handouts.

I've talked about this before... the fact that I believe in giving people a hand up not a hand out.
If you give a man a fish, he eats for a meal. If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

I'm obviously a fiscal conservative... I think people should be empowered to do for themselves. I think when people do for themselves, their self-esteem grows... And to be honest... if I was a second or third or fourth generation of a family on welfare, I would be less inclined to push through the pain to go to work every day. Instead... I come from a family that works hard and takes care of their obligations and contributes to society.

I watched a documentary on Lincoln last night and was surprised to hear them make the assertion that Lincoln believed that slavery was wrong but didn't believe the slaves were equal to whites. That offends me.

Yet, I believe our current welfare system is a modern day form of slavery... keeping generations of black people dependent on handouts, unable to provide for their family. I believe that many of those who continue to pass laws that continue handouts or increase handouts do so because they don't believe that people are able to take care of themselves.

Has anyone asked why Obama's "listening tour" didn't take him to any black neighborhoods? I mean, if he wants to hear what average Americans have to say about the job crisis, why didn't he go to some of the hardest hit communities like Detroit?

And I wonder how warmly he's being received in Martha's Vineyard by the rich people he has made out to be villains.

Anyways... it's Friday. I didn't sleep much last night. My body is worn out... but we have a washer and dryer now so it feels like home.

I figured out yesterday that if I would stay hydrated the stomach cramps wouldn't bother me as much. It really helped.

Austin is refusing to go to school today. He made it seven days in a row...

I'm too tired to fight him.

In twelve more hours, Lord willing, I'll be back in the nest. Happy Friday, y'all.


Big Mark 243 said...

... and you are aware that the numbers of non-blacks that make use of gov't assistance is greater than that of blacks..? And that working farms also receive gov't ass't, and plenty of folks in Appalachia and the Farm Belt... aw, forget it...

...there is more to the issue than color... but if that is all the debate hangs on for some, what good is any further discussion..?

Heather said...

Oh, I have no doubt there are many of all races who have been enslaved. My point, for the sake of this entry was the deal about Lincoln - because I truly believe that attitude is still very much alive today in the very officials that black folks stand behind and elect. Didn't mean to offend. There's a lot more to the issue than color... there's class envy, for example... a nation politically divided...

Michael said...

I'm not going near the other issues. I'll wait until the country looks at "my people" as equal to everyone else. We are in need of a gay Lincoln!!!

Anyhoot; I would let Auggie know that for everyday of school that he misses, it moves up his move out date one week after graduation. If he quits school, than I would give him a month. You know I love him, but it's not cute anymore to depend on mom.

Heather said...

I think you kinda have a gay Lincoln. I mean... there are a lot of elected Democrats who give lip service to equal rights for gays but ... has it really happened yet?

Auggie knows I can't take out the trash on my own. What he doesn't know is that if I wasn't spending so much money on him, I could afford to PAY someone to do it. Ha!