My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Political Rant for this Election Season

I'm stoked about the upcoming Vice-Presidential debate tonight. Joe Biden is that crazy old uncle who says random things. Paul Ryan is the young pragmatic Patriot. I expect there to be inaccurate facts and figures from both sides and I expect to be aggravated during the process. It will be fascinating to watch.

I also believe that the time when citizens of our country are able to openly debate and disagree is coming to an end. No great society lasts more than a few hundred years. Our Constitution has been picked apart. Our freedoms have been usurped by the green gods of ecology and economy. The right to elect a leader may not survive the lives of my children and grandchildren.

It's an honor and privilege to be alive at this point in time where women have the right to vote and where we have the right to assemble and believe as we choose. Those days are numbered, I'm convinced. The right to express my views in a public forum is a precious gift that I try not to take for granted.

I believe that we are a society in decline. The country founded by my forefathers in the name of freedom and liberty is now more focused on handouts and government dependence than individual exceptionalism. We have lost sight of the morals and values that provided our foundation of truth in past generations. We no longer accept the Ten Commandments on which our system of justice is formed.

We disdain families, marriage, the rights of the unborn and infirm. We force hard-working people to surrender their income to be spread among those who believe they are entitled to far more than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where do birth control and free cell phones fit into those three objectives? The pursuit of happiness?

When did we come to believe, as a nation, that it was acceptable for people to expect to spend a lifetime taking and not giving? I look back over the lives of my ancestors and there I see people who endured great hardship, who suffered much loss of life and love to form the nation that we take for granted. I know of households that blended generations and races under one roof in the name of generosity, in order to be their brother's keeper.

In our past I see several races who were treated like less than human, who bravely fought for the rights of citizenship, who placed their faith in a Greater Being who was their hope and salvation, who now are content to become enslaved again by allowing themselves to be placed in the lower economic echelon far beyond what their God given abilities could provide. How I wish that they could rise up to accept the blessings of liberty that have been allowed at such great sacrifice of others!

We, as a people, all races, have forgotten the legacy handed down to us, the example of the generations that came before us.
We have forsaken the imperative to live within our means.
We have forgotten our obligation to help our fellow man - not through excessive taxation but through compassion and encouragement.
We have hardened our hearts against those in need because we have been conditioned to believe that a Government program of some sort is providing for them.

How much kinder would our society be if instead of seeing dollars slip away from our paychecks, we had to gather a bag of groceries for the hungry next door? How much more respect would we have for the hard work of others if we watched them till the soil and plant the seeds and reap a harvest? What if we looked into the eyes of those who paid the price for us? What if we saw the gratitude of those who enjoy the fruits of our labor? What if each was held accountable for their actions?

In the name of Political Correctness we have let go of the principles that give us structure and provide boundaries. We celebrate the steroid injected falsehood of sports heroes and ignore the true heroes that are on the front lines protecting our freedom. We have lost sound judgment and honor. We sit back and believe the loudest voices hold truth while the wisest voices are drowned out.

My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing...
Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims pride
From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

Our father’s God! to thee,
Author of Liberty, to thee we sing;
Soon may our land be bright,
With holy freedom’s right,
Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King

Happy Thursday, y'all. God bless.