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My People
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

the dirty thirty

I can't believe I didn't post my weigh in thoughts yesterday but considering how action packed yesterday was, I actually CAN believe I didn't find time to blog.

I really worried that it would be that eventual gain. I know I say that a lot but it's so weird how my weight comes off. It's low... then bounces up... I mean, one day last week I was fluctuating by more than 5 pounds... and it just didn't seem like it was going to come off this time. I've only had one gain... .2 pounds... one time during this entire 5 month process. But I know it can happen... and I thought it might happen this week.
BUT... you know what? It didn't. My appetite was really piqued early in the week and I had the mad munchies... but by the end of the week... I was doing what I call, "eating with purpose"... which is the way I try to always eat... no snacking, no emotional eating, no eating out of boredom, no feeding cravings... just maintaining proper sustenance and nutrition.

And yesterday that translated to a .8 pound loss for a total of 29.8 pounds total for my five months... but... as of this morning I am unofficially down 30.2 pounds! I'm averaging a very reasonable 6 pounds per month and I am over the moon about it!
I'm out of sync a bit... my appetite is completely wiped out right now. Yesterday all I had to eat was sushi, edamame, an apple and a 100 calorie pack of almonds. That is just as unhealthy as overeating so I need to be a bit more conscientous today. I'm making a big pot of chili - that will help. And cleaning out the fridge which always seems to inspire me. Once you eliminate all the non-hunger reasons for eating... it's entirely possible to forget to eat. Especially if you've got a lot going on.

I'm also out of sync on my sleep... only have managed about 4 hours a night for the past two nights and that will definitely catch up with me. Every moment that I wasn't out and about yesterday, I was working on laundry so I plan to finish that enormous project today... and finish actually putting all the laundry away... and perhaps, just maybe, get my house to a semi-clean state. Austin's friends helped him clean his room so that's one thing off the to do list. I think instead of napping today, I'll just power thru the day getting as much done as possible and then crash and burn for an early bedtime tonight. Although honestly, I'd love to just climb back in bed right now and stay there all. day. long. But I won't.

I'm still surprised that this is working this time. I had tried to lose weight and failed so miserably so many times... to actually be back on track and seeing success is surreal.

Yesterday was a great day. Me, Angie, Sarabeth, Jamie and Stasha went to the mall... had lunch... and although I would have and could have allowed myself a little indulgence...there was a little sushi stand so I had sushi and edamame.

We shopped for a new outfit for each girl... we goofed around with the lingerie section. It was hilarious... I promised not to share the pictures but SB picked up a bra and held it up to herself as if to say, "never gonna happen" ... and I couldn't help but think... wow... we'll blink and be there. My baby girls are growing up too fast!
We picked out earrings to go with their outfits... clip ons because they're not pierced yet. We (they, not me!) rode the carousel.

We got Starbucks (pictured at the top)... and really had a great time hanging out together.

I came home and folded uhhhh bunch of laundry... and then went over to hang out with a friend to watch the Florida game (which was a huge disappointment) (the game, not the friend) and got home around 11pm. SUPER late for me!

GUess I better quit talking about cooking and laundry and actually start doing some of it.
have a great day!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Glad you had a good day out. I think I have gained weight myself. I have been eating a lot the last couple days.

Ken Riches said...

Great job :o)

Big Mark 243 said...

I think that you are having fun with your weight loss. That is huge. You are working on both ends, the diet as well as the exercise and that helps a lot. Not beating yourself up over 'here and there', still with your eye on the prize is great.

Yup... won't be long before the girls are, well... you know! You have made great strides all around and I am geniuenly happy for you!! Enjoy the day!!!

Bookncoffee said...

Sounds like a good day out. Lots of laundry going on around here too. Great job on the weight loss. Getting sleep actually helps - or actually loss of sleep hurts that effort, so I've heard. Hope all is going well.

Lisa said...

Lots of laundry here too... we usually fold on Monday night football and get it all done at one time.