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My People
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

she's baaaaack! tuesday newsday!

After a brief interlude... my little laptop is back on track and I'm so happy to be curled up with her in my lap again!

Tuesday newsday! Lots of good stuff today... since the computer was down this morning i got a lot of stuff done around the house. It felt productive. I wish I was disciplined enough to do those things even when they're not the ONLY things left to do but I still struggle with a little bit of housework rebellion. There's something about having someone take you by the scruff of the neck and push you into the bathroom to show you a qtip on the floor that you overlooked... that makes you never want to pick up another durn thing as long as you live. I'm bouncing back from that some but I'm no June Cleaver yet. I do... however... really appreciate a clean house.

Such great feedback on my blog entry about fear... I am ready to move forward... I'm definitely pushing ahead and it feels amazing. In some ways... I feel vulnerable... but when people leave comments about missing "the old Heather"... I realize that the very foundation of who I am involves loving people without reservation. If they love me back, lucky for them. If they don't, it's their loss. I can't change who I am to protect my heart. I'm trusting God to protect my heart. And I imagine there's fear for anyone who loves me to see me putting myself in a place of vulnerability by daring to care.

As far as weight loss fear... I had 3 pieces of cheese pizza for dinner. That's 15 points. At least. And it was worth every bite. I've not used a single flex point all week so it was ok. It's about lifestyle... and tonight was just flat out a pizza night.

Nicole left some great comments on that last entry and I want to thank her... I first came to know of Nicole when she was a featured story on Q100 back at the time I first met Michael. Nicole had met a man from Morocco online and she was going over there to meet him... and once they met... they decided to get married... and she packed up her whole life an moved to Morocco. It was a fabulous story and I felt so connected with her - on a much smaller scale - as I was facing the huge decision of following Michael to Jacksonville. Nicole's story had a much happier ending... she's still with her guy and they have a beautiful little boy together. I read her blog while she was in Morocco and I've followed her story since she's been back and although we've never met... I know she gets that fear of following your heart better than most people.

And how blessed am I to have a daddy who is keeping tabs on things... giving advice... wanting to help me make good choices... even though I'm old and (sort of) gray.

And for the others of you who encouraged me, reminded me of who I am, reminded me of the strength you see in me... it's so empowering! I'm almost certain that I won't always make the right decisions and I'm almost certain that there will still be times ahead when I feel discouraged or disappointed but I'm so blessed to have a huge group of people in my life - and online - who catch me when I fall.

This morning I put the quilt my grandma made for me on my bed and thought about her strength and determination... the life she lived... the legacy she left. It's comforting... pun intended.

My toes are cold. I think I need to turn on the heat. Or grab a blanket.

I'm tickled pink about Prince William and Kate. I will never forget waking up early in the morning when I was 13 to watch Lady Di marry Prince Charles. It was the most amazing wedding I had ever seen... of course... great weddings don't guarantee great marriages... at any rate, you can bet your sweet buns that I will be glued to the tv to watch this wedding... I'll even set aside a vacation day so I can be off work to watch it. Does the Queen really have a facebook page?

Tomorrow we have the church Thanksgiving dinner... it's going to be another big point day and then I'll scale back for Thursday and Friday so my weigh in is happy.

Dancing with the Stars result show tonight... I'm thinking Bristol will certainly be going home this week... it's time. She's done a great job for someone who has no performing experience. I really would rather see people have to actually learn to dance instead of just showing people who are already performers. But she doesn't deserve to win. I'd rather see Kyle or Jennifer win.

Austin just sprayed vanilla air freshener in here. I hate that scent.

Ok... so that's all the news that's unfit to print around here... hope you had a great Tuesday. I'll come back tomorrow with a Whiny Wednesday for you!


Anonymous said...

Oh cool ~ I read your friend Nicole's page at one point when I could access the link from your page. I had wondered how her story turned out . . . I'll have to go lurking and see if I can find out . . . [don't worry, Nicole, I'm perfectly safe :) just thought yours was an amazing story].
I do hope you risk being a little bit afraid to try being fully happy again. You are worth it!

Danielle said...

I used to read Nicoles blog also, but can no longer access it. Last I read her husband was sick. I hope all is well Nicole, I have thought of you and your family often!

Nicole said...


Thanks for the shout out! I really think, in following your blog and posts on FB, that you are a wonderful person! Glad we got to "meet".

I don't keep up with the Moving to Morocco blog anymore. I took it down after people from Zouhair's neighborhood kept contacting us regarding his cancer. Zouhair was afraid his extended family would find out (he only told his immediate family that he was sick) and asked me to take the posts down regarding cancer. Every post I "unpublished" I lost all the comments on and so I just made the blog private. I didn't want to lose the comments which included email addresses and blogger account info. And the comments meant a lot to us, just to go and delete them wouldn't be cool. If anyone would still like to read the old stuff I can invite you to it, but I havent updated it in about 2 years!

Heather keep writing, I enjoy it!