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My People
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday morning questions...

How adorable is my Purple Michael as Scrooge? (photo snagged without permission from the owner)

What are war games and who would ever want to play them?

Why do we need a reality show for brides who want to have plastic surgery? I think plastic surgery is for people who have been horribly disfigured... not people who want to look like plastic.

How is it that a four day weekend can go by so quickly?

Does anyone send Christmas cards any more?

Why do I always forget to put the clothes in the dryer?

Why does the first cup of coffee always taste so much better than the second?

Should i bother putting up a Christmas tree when Bitty Kitty is sure to destroy it?

Why must he knock everything off of every surface? Is he "cleaning kitty?"

How did I manage to run out of trash bags? And coffee? Again?

Should I try walking in the park now or should I wait until the temp is at least above freezing?

Wonder if we'll get a good snow this year? Should I stock the pantry just in case?

Wonder how many points I'll get under Weight Watchers Points Plus program?

Why is it that this blog gets read over a hundred times a day and I only get one or two comments?

Why is common sense no longer common?

What should i make with the wheatberries I cooked yesterday?

Would some kind of combination of kale, sweet potatoes, chicken sausage and wheatberries be good?

How is it that Austin ate half of one pomegranate last night and half of it ended up on the kitchen floor?

What happened to my dustpan?

What happened to the toothbrush I stuck in my purse on Thanksgiving morning? Was it karma telling me it was time to buy a new one?

Do organic baby carrots really taste better or is it just my imagination?

How many of you still have leftover Halloween candy at your house?

What if - instead of putting up a tree - we strung lights everywhere, so Bitty can't reach them?

What is the best method of attaching lights to the ceiling? Duct tape? Do they make clear duct tape?

Was the guy who busted Obama's lip a Democrat or Republican?

Should I splurge on a pay per view movie today? Has anyone seen Eat, Pray, Love? Is it worth $5?

Why doesn't the travel channel list the age of it's programs? How do I know if this version of Fantastic Houseboats is the same one I've watched 20 times... or a new one?

Do people really watch Punkin Chunkin?

How did Discovery Health and TLC become the freak show channels?

Why is it that whenever my satellite is cut off, the only channels I have are infomercials and the Hallmark channel? What are they saying?

Did you know there was a Home Alone 4? Has anyone seen it?

Why do I have 15 ESPN channels?

What is the big money toy this Christmas?

Why is it that I feel like Flo in the Progressive ads most days?

How many of you made it to the end of this blog entry?

How many of these questions did you respond to - at least in your head?


moshell's lilbit of space said...

Definately worth the $5. We saw it at the movies & paid for it yesterday. I have since watched it twice.

Definately on my stocking list :)

Anonymous said...

So... Some of these I can realistically answer!

"What are war games and who would ever want to play them?"

War games are military exercises in which various countries engage in order to keep their readiness for the actual thing going on. Sadly, given what's going on in Korea, they're really needed sometimes. Additionally, countries also use them as a way of publicly "beasting up" to show other countries their muscles. Puerile and silly? Yes. Effective? Sadly true.

The first cup of coffee tastes better for two reasons: 1) Your body is craving the caffeine (even if you're drinking decaf, there is still a little) and you're giving your body what it thinks it needs. Second, coffee is a highly potently flavored drink and your taste buds numb a bit due to the high acid content of most coffees.

As for Blog comments: Mostly people are lazy. However, occasionally people are cowards or perhaps on rare occasion just know to keep quiet.

You have 15 ESPN channels because sports are among the circuses we as a society have decided we like distracting us from the actual contests about which we should be caring: The education of our kids versus their ignorance, what happens in our local city council meetings, & which judges deserve our votes in the run-off next Tuesday.

Here's a question for you: How many people eligible next Tuesday have done any research about the Judges running for office? How many will flat skip the election?

Lastly, I would argue that common sense is never common. I think when people say 'common sense', they mean 'Good Sense' about obvious things. However, one person's obvious is another person's crazy.

I am guessing that in Cleveland it's not common sense for you and other women to decide to meet for coffee at 1 AM.

Here, with 4 Cafe Intermezzos and other places such places, a 1 AM coffee & Cheesecake call is just common sense.

Oh, and you won't be getting a Christmas card from me, but can I interest you in Chanukah? It starts Wednesday.

Jeanne said...

Yep, Drake is right...sometimes people are lazy when it comes to comments...I am one...and sometimes I miss some of your posts and I read 2-3 of them at one time and don't comment on the older ones cause I figure you have moved on already. Didn't see "Eat, Pray Love" just saw Slumdog Millionare yesterday! I am WAAAY and I saw that new George Clooney/Cameron Diaz movie in the nail salon yesterday...the guys gets them illegally added bonus and almost makes getting your nails done a bargain when you get a movie too! (lol) A guy was telling me yesterday how, when he was in college, they would PAINT a XMAs tree on the wall...(they were drunk at the time, but you certainly don't have to be!) and then when the holiday was over...they would paint over it! Sounds good to me! (lol) And yes, we still send card to family and friends we don't see or talk to much...or who aren't on Facebook! (lol)


Anonymous said...

Spend the 5 dollars, Best Movie ever! :) First cup of Coffee the best! As far as Blog Comments some people dont care what you do, they just love to Read! Wheatberries and sweet potatoes Yummy sounds good! Why did a half of pomagrant end up on the floor cause kids now a days dont care lol Put the tree up you still have a kid at home will teenager at home but I think as parents its are job to make them feel a Christmas feeling as long as they are home well I do! Send Christmas cards its nice to recive and send. there are more espn because there are more men then women lol :)

Anonymous said...

I don't comment life is boring. (but I love it that way) I've two cats and after picking up my Xmas tree 3x's I said the heck with it and haven't had one in 5 yrs. that first cup. That's why it's also my last cup.

back to work tomorrow !!

Anonymous said...

I created a running blog for the whole nine months I was pregnant with Emilyn and I had one person regularly comment, that's it. I enjoy reading your blog, but rarely comment. I love Flo!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.. the ol' leaving a comment, well for me, its just the fact that I love reading blogs...seems a bit odd, doesn't it? Just that someone else has a life and feels compelled to write about it. I write my life down and it looks so dull and lifeless.... its a shame.
As for the movie, most def..! thought I would enjoy it but really loved it. made you think...ponder....

Foodie2 said...

I usually don't leave comments either but do enjoy reading your blog. Although it pains me to do so I do confess that my hubs is a punkin chunkin watcher. Yes I have said it...and he watched the rerun of it later over the long weekend. Is that not pitiful? He also likes Pawn Stars and Swamp Loggers...oh, the shame...I kinda feel like I'm in a recovery group. LOL Thanks for the laughs!