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My People
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

some general observations from the nest

I ate too many points today when I made mayo rolls. They were worth it, don't get me wrong... but I'm eating broccoli for dinner.
Just broccoli.
Men are stupid. I don't mean all men, of course. And every man that reads this will think I surely can't be talking about him.
But seriously... spend 5 minutes on an online dating site and you'll see how stupid men are.
"Looking for a sexy babe"... oh yeah, sign me up for that guy.
"Need a first mate" with a picture of him on his boat. Priorities?
"Looking for friends with benefits" *shakes head* because every woman wants to be used.
How are these treasures still single?
I love watching the Falcons this season since they're doing well. I'm a fair weather fan and am not ashamed to admit it.
Life is too stressful to be emotionally invested in a losing professional sports team.
They are paid to be good at what they do.
I'm so excited about a 3 day work week and a 4 day weekend.
The annual reunion between me and my childhood friend Mary is scheduled for Black Friday Breakfast. IHOP... in Fayetteville, I guess. Last year my sister in law and her sister and mama ate with us and it was a lot of fun.
Is there still an IHOP in Fayetteville? Since I live up here in the hills, I never know what you southside folks have.
Sam Bradford is a great quarterback. He should have won a Heisman.
Roasted broccoli with lemon pepper is uh-mazing.
I'm tempted to get back into that awesome hummus I made last night.
I have done exactly what I set out to do this weekend... rest, relax, reflect, recharge.
Austin spent the night with his married friend at the friend's mother's house. I don't know how that works.
I was promised child support today but so far - nothing. At least I know it's coming. It was going to be tough to stretch to December 1st.
Oops. Sam Bradford just threw his first interception... I think his first as a pro player.
I jinxed him.
Austin just came home... got a crew cut. Dramatic difference. He has two hairstyles: too shaggy or too short.
God love him.
Is there really a Facebook app - Pot Country?
There's just gonna be us three girls at the office this week... I think we'll have a good time.
PJ Monday?
Just kidding!
Did I mention that I made a great big pot of vegetable soup today? It was really, really good and I look forward to reheating it all week.
Plus some awesome pinto beans.
I whine about money being tight but I'm so grateful for the cooking skills I've picked up over the past year because we truly can eat good, flavorful stuff for cheap.
And the fact that my appetite is nowhere near as big as it used to be saves a bunch of money.
Feeling a little chest congestion tonight. Ever since I had the flu stuff two weeks ago, I keep having a little cough here and there but nothing major.
When I walked today I felt really strong. No trouble breathing. I like that.
I'm in training... if/when I get to go to NYC again, I've got a date to run in Central Park with my sister-out-law. So I've got to work up to being able to run.
That... plus... I have always wanted to run the Peachtree Road Race.
My black hole purse has struck again... I've got to change purses. I keep losing things.
Austin was real excited because I bought his favorite flavor of hot chocolate yesterday. When you do the modified grocery trip... and can't afford the high dollar items... and can't afford a starbucks run... if you pick up a few cheap treats... like the hot chocolate that is $1.18 a box, you're a hero.
It's gonna be an early bedtime here...
I've been ready for bed since 4pm.
Elf is on! That always makes me giggle!
Texting with RFG. Should I ask about his date?
Havent heard from Next Guy. He may still be working.
Anyways... I'm just rambling...
Happy end of the weekend, y'all.
Love and hugs.


Big Mark 243 said...

Roasted Broccoli with lemon pepper... sounds good!

You sound very happy Heather and I am glad for you. I also agree with being a little detached from sports but I always pull for the home team... Lions, Piston, Tigers and Wings... flexible when it comes to the colleges, but I keep it light. After all, when they lose, the sun still will come up!