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My People
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

whiny wednesday

Happy, happy mid-week to you! I am feeling so much better today that it's hard to work up a Whiny Wednesday post but I know you are all counting on me helping you find reasons to complain so... I'll give it a shot.

It's time for a new scale. This morning mine has fluctuated between 186 and 192. Not to make you think I'm obsessive about weighing or anything... (although I am) I always get a first morning weight and then I get a ... um... POST COFFEE weight... so to speak. I've been POST COFFEE several times today (so to speak) and it's fluctuated drastically. OB-VEE-US-LEEEEE that can't be an accurate reading. This old scale has been with me since 2005 and it's traveled from Lovejoy to Woodstock to Jacksonville to Cleveland and I appreciate its many years of faithful service. We've been through a lot together... but I need a scale I can count on. Next time there's room in the budget... it's outta here!

As I mentioned... I am really feeling better. Austin, however, has been sacked with the creeping crud so I know it was most likely some kind of flu-ish virally thing for it to have spread so quickly and I'm glad that I resisted the urge to dose this mess with antibiotics. I resisted going to the doctor on Monday because i KNEW with my health history that they would start me on "just in case" antibiotics to keep the creeping crud from seeping into my lungs. I do feel a little junky in my chest and I have a teeny tiny slight wheeze but I am continuing to treat this as a viral thing and will watch for any signs that this is changing from an acute situation to a chronic situation (again).

The really awesome news is that I bounced back quickly from the head congestion part of this and I believe that is in no small part due to the way my body has been nourished over the past 5 months. Think about it... we are complex creatures who have survived a very long time without modern medicine. If all that antibiotic nonsense was completely necessary, our species would have died out a long time before antibiotics were invented. Obviously our creator provided us with a means for survival... and we just have to learn to take advantage of the gifts of the garden. Eden may no longer be accessible... but we are still nurtured thru nature, if we are wise enough to listen to the needs of our body.

My body has taught me very clearly this year that I do not need synthetic or chemical means of sustaining happiness, getting to sleep, waking up, controlling my blood pressure, avoiding anxiety. It has taught me that if I live on a balanced diet including lots of colorful foods, that I am able to battle off any foreign substances that try to invade my delicate eco-system. I'm still learning and figuring out the best possible "fuel" combination for me... and I believe that my body's needs change according to the seasons and the demands on me... but I can tell you without any doubt that I feel so. much. better.

I'm not doing much whining today, am I?

Ok... here are a few things to tide you over until I hit a grumpy stage.
1. I love pomegranates but they are a pain to prepare.
2. Two Starbucks have opened in our area and I have yet to find the time (and the extra cash and the available WW points) to take advantage of it.
3. Back to the pomegranates... last week I was supposed to have a picnic date on Friday... after I had already packed my lunch on Wednesday... I got a call that he was actually available on Wednesday... could we move the date? Of COURSE... I adjusted the quantities of my lunch... grabbed the picnic basket and ... it was a very good lunch. I took a little teasing from my Bible Study Hen Party for feeding this fella pomegranates which are... if you don't know... thought to be an aphrodesiac. OBVIOUSLY... that was not my intention... I just fed him what I was going to eat by myself. SOOOO last night he caught a little blurb on tv about the fact that pomegranates are thought to be an aphrodesiac and he asked me what my intentions were.... BLUSH! I had to explain that the menu wasn't planned with him in mind...
4. I couldn't have picked a worse week to start dating someone... he's had a sick baby... I've been sick... we've had to reluctantly cancel two planned dates. Although... if I've learned nothing else in the past five years... it's to trust God's timing. Although my life my seem at times like a comedy of errors... nothing is by chance and everything is of consequence.
5. Austin is sick. Really, miserably sick. I feel so bad for him and he retroactively feels bad for me. He said, "mom... if I had known you were this sick I wouldn't have asked you to..." fill in the blanks with a dozen different demands he placed on me while I was way too sick to do anything other than just breathe.
6. My Boo will be 24 on Sunday and I won't get to see him.
7. I'm still sick about the time missed from work on this upcoming paycheck. Does anyone need to refinance their car loan at our wonderful low interest rates so I can get a quick bonus boost? Anyone? Bueller?
8. The Government is stupid. All this money poured into advertising campaigns geered to correct the bad nutritional habits of adults... such as the "avoid salt" campaign... when they could instead feed school children nutritionally appropriate foods and raise children on a healthy diet so that when they are adults, they will already know how to eat.

My time is up... hope you all have a beautiful Whiny Wednesday! Love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

Ok, spill. Who was your lunch date??