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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, November 6, 2010

weighing in before the weigh in

I think my weigh in today is going to be a good one. At least one pound down, maybe two...
I've developed a cold. I am not happy about it... just have to make sure it doesn't settle in my chest. I can't afford a bout with bronchitis or pneumonia.
I don't feel that bad but I'm drippy and slightly hoarse.
Austin has done a good job of training Bitty that a snap means to stop what he's doing. I just snapped him out of my coffee. Brat.
I'm hooked on chicken sausage and collards... stir fried with whatever is handy or stewed... I worry about preservatives in sausage - and sodium - and I worry about hormones and antibiotics in chicken. But it's really good stuff.
I'm also really loving blue diamond almond nutcrisps, especially with hummus.
I cooked a big pot of navy beans in the crockpot over night. I think I'm going to make baked beans of them today... gotta pick up some things to mix in.
My first Saturday without the farm to visit for produce. I've got a friend who is going to teach me to garden... I'm looking forward to growing stuff in the dirt.
Sarabeth and Jamie are going to their first college football game today with their mama- it's a Georgia game, though. *sigh* I guess it would be too far to take them to see the Gators. And I SUPPOSE... since Angie went to Georgia... that she has the right to indoctrinate her own children.
Logan spent the night last night... this has become the usual Friday night thing... but they were quiet and they didn't create *much* of a mess. They about drove me nuts in Ingles. I don't know why I take the two of them in a store together... it's like carrying two chimpanzees into a grocery store.
Last night in Ingles there were these two older people traveling thru the store on those little motorized grocery scooters... as they rounded the grape display, the lady grabbed a handful and ate them... I observed them going thru the store grabbing handfuls of food from any and every possible means. I let my checkout girl know that Bonnie and Clyde were treating the Ingles as their free drive thru restaurant. They left without buying anything. Guess they were full.
35 degrees and snow flurries in the mountains today... crazy.
Hard to dress light weight enough to get a favorable reading on the scale and still not freeze to death on the way to and from Weight Watchers.
It's gonna be painfully cold at the farm fundraiser today and I probably SHOULDN'T do it ... with me already having a cold... but it's for something I believe strongly in - Catalyst Christian Learning Center... and it's for someone I dearly love - my friend Natalie... so I'm going to trust that God is going to keep me healthy and warm throughout.
And the Gators are playing Vanderbilt today... the SEC's traditional whipping boy. So I don't have to agonize through the game and can actually get out of the house for a bit.
Tomorrow my brother is starting a new Sunday School class... for singles... even old and gray singles like me... I've been sort of disconnected from Sunday morning church... not feeling really comfortable as an unattached person navigating thru the crowds... feeling a bit like the odd man out... and it just became easier to stay home and nest rather than fight my social anxieties. However... if NOTHING else... I can make it to his class... in his cozy little office... and maybe get reconnected with my church on Sundays.
I had the opportunity to chat with a friend yesterday who is struggling in the murky waters of mature adult dating after a long marriage. A few things are pretty much guaranteed if you're over 40 and single: you've been thru a situation that has left you with some baggage... you've been disappointed with the outcome of a relationship... you wonder if there's something wrong with you... you wonder why other people are able to find successful partnerships but you haven't. I am fairly certain that any man in my demographic that I date will have some issues. Heaven knows I do. So instead of entering into a relationship with blind faith and trust, you have to negotiate those landmines of each other's frailties and scars.
In short... it's a lot more work when you're older... and not just because you don't have the energy to socialize as much as the younger folks do.
My new co-worker, Holly, who I absolutely adore, by the way, is in her twenties and married without kids. She and her husband love to travel and love adventure. They're camping out this weekend... in the bitter cold and SNOW... and I couldn't help but laugh... first of all, it would take me a day or two to recover from camping in PERFECT weather... but if I camped in cold damp weather I'd take my death of pneumonia for sure. To be so young...
Anyways... time to glam up a bit for my weigh in... hope you all have a beautiful Saturday!
love and hugs! back later with weigh in results!