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My People
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

whiny wednesday

Mmmm! This was dinner last night... I used store bought pizza dough (would like to make my own with whole wheat flour... I'm working on it)... sprinkled it with olive oil and chopped garlic... topped that with sauteed turkey sausage, peppers and red onion... a little shredded romano cheese and some fresh basil - purple and green... and it was UH-mazing!

I was asked... why not use marinara... and that would be a good option. Tomatoes are good for you, without a doubt... but I love the way the chopped garlic roasts on the pizza... I love that it's more of a fancy garlic bread than a pizza... this was super indulgent and so delicious. If I do say so myself.

But this is supposed to be Whiny Wednesday so I need to complain about a few things... I'm in a great mood but I'll give it a shot...
1. Harry Reid got re-elected. *eyeroll*
2. I'm sick of politics. Still love Rush Limbaugh and I'll listen today - as usual - but. Ugh.
3. I had two glorious headache free days but it's back again today and I'm afraid I'm going to have to break down and see a doctor. I'm trying to hold off. I don't want to spend the money, don't want to take any medications, don't want to miss work to go.
4. The laundry fairy needs to visit.
5. I haven't finished mailing my bills for November yet. For a brief shining moments... I like to pretend like I actually have a little money. *sigh*
6. Austin is ALREADY out of texts on his phone. He's had it for six days. I bought him 1000 texts. The next package will be an unlimited text package. Live and learn. In saving $15... I cost myself $30. So it goes. I'm using child support to pay for his expenses as much as possible (it's never enought to pay for everything for him but I try) so I'm trying to hold off until we get our next blessing.
7. I need to make a small grocery run... coffee, creamer and a few doodads. Maybe on lunch.

Time for me to quit playing online and get ready for work... hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday! *smooches*
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Anonymous said...

This post made me realize why you are the Rachel Ray of food preparation designed for weight management and healthy living. Your recipes are tasty, visually appealing, satisfying, quick and easy ... and two other things ... a lot of variety (so one can easily take care of an occasional craving or need for "comfort" food) & plenty of seasonal options.

My observation is that you've given yourself all of the things that people who don't have to watch their weight get to enjoy ... flavor, flexibility, ease, satisfaction, pleasure, variety ... and by just making good decisions about ingredients ... weight management and great health!

Excellent job, Heather!


Nicole said...

Yum, your fancy garlic bread looks sooo good! I just may try it!