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My People
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tuesday newsday...

Online dating is funny.
Exhausting but funny.
People are so unaware of the way they present themselves...
Confident and cocky are two different things.
If you list on your profile that you're seeking God's will for yourself... and then go on to indicate that you are only interested in thin/athletic women because your first two wives were babes and that's what you're used to... *eyeroll*... really? Let me know how that babe thing works out for you. Hopefully better than it did the first two times.
I wrote him and told him I was praying for him.
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a work in progress. Not a babe. Not even trying.
Men who require a babe should keep looking.
I want to be healthy for me but I'll never again sit across the table from a man who takes food off of my plate because he thinks I'm too heavy.
I'll never live with that kind of pressure again. Love me for my heart... if you appreciate the exterior, that's ok... but don't love me conditionally based on how I present myself. Looks fade.
I don't even bother telling people i've lost weight. I let them look at my pictures on facebook if they ask... where i'm everywhere from a size ten to a size 20... none of it really magazine cover quality... I just figure if the figure is the only thing that matters, that they're not the kind of people that matter to me.
And with online dating... you're dealing with a lot of really lonely, disappointed people.
People whose lives ended up different from what they expected.
I guess the trick is figuring out which of those people were victims of their circumstances and which ones have character flaws that leave them destined to end up lonely and disappointed again.
And making sure I know which one of those I am.
Crunch & Munch reminded me that I've been giving my potential suitors nicknames for a long time. I suppose that's a little habit of mine. Helps me help you keep them straight. Should I have these poor fellas sign a release? I mean... the names in my blog are changed to protect the guilty... I mean, innocent.
The truth is that I have so many people in my life who have the same names that if I didn't assign nicknames you'd get confused.
We on holiday staff at work (read: shorthanded) and it was manageable but steady yesterday. If nothing else, it made the day go by faster. And now it's Tuesday!
In other Heather News...
Austin is spending some time with his dad on Thanksgiving... 3rd time he's seen him all year.
I finally had to break down and get the unlimited texting package... I still refuse to talk on the cellphone... seems like a horrible waste of money... but I'll text.
The truth is... I hate to talk. Y'all that know me, know this. I talk on the phone all day and don't want to do it after work. I hate being tied down to just one activity... I can text and do three other things at the same time. Except drive. NEVER DRIVE AND TEXT!!!
Running out of goofing off time this morning... I slept until the alarm went off at 6am! That hardly ever happens! I was up later than I wanted to be last night... was just not able to wind down... and I was watching Monday night football to see if Timmy Tebow got in the game. He only did for a second.
the Royal Wedding is going to be on my birthday! I am soooo taking that day off!
Must glam and get myself into the office for another day of snake charming... felt like that's all I did yesterday...
Love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

I remember Crunch n' Munch! ohhh ... I know exactly what you mean about talking on the phone. I kind of get a little claustrophobic, if that makes any sense. Could be a little ADD going on here because I jump around from task to task ... so being on the phone really feels like being "on the hook".

Nothing's gonna get by YOU anymore, Heather! Great insight and observation about on-line dating folks, and where they might have been from "then" to "now".

Dear Hubby was complaining last night that he thinks he's been gaining too much weight. Then he texted me this morning and said, "I have no neck now!". I guess when he was shaving, he noticed that his neck has gotten thicker. How's that cookbook coming along? I need one so I can help him take off a few.


Anonymous said...

Doug's brother grudgingly dove into the online dating pool only to jump out real quick. All he kept coming across were bitter old women who were down on men and reminded him too much of his ex-wife who walked out on him after 29 years of marriage. Now he is happily dating a woman we (our church family and personal family) have known for 25+ years and whose husband died unexpectedly a few years ago. I hope it works out for them ~ they are happy and that is all that matters now ~ but it sure will be awkward if things don't work out . . .

I don't know, online dating seems alot like going into a bar to pick up a guy ~ when I think I would rather pick up a guy from church instead ;)