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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, November 8, 2010

reasons to love Monday - from the sick bay

The creeping crud is lingering and I did my co-workers and clients a favor by staying home today. Also... hoping that the extra day will help me nip the crud in the bud. Three days is three days too long...

Still... it's Monday... and as always... I've gotta find reasons to love it. Here goes my Reasons to Love Monday - sick edition.

1. Vicks Vapo-rub.
2. Heating pad
3. Snot rags... don't love 'em but it would be a mess around here right now without them.
4. Hot tea
5. Nyquil
6. Old movies on TCM
7. warm blankets
8. heat
9. carbs- that's what I've lived on for the past two days
10. the amazing white chili accident from last week... didn't have what i needed for the white chili so it turned into green chili with collards and green tomatoes and lots of spicy peppers... it was awesome yesterday and helped loosen up my sinuses
11. my friend who has been texting with me all weekend keeping me from being bored out of my gourd.
12. my kitties who have been keeping me company
13. farmville, frontierville and facebook...
14. warm, cozy pjs
15. my laptop, cellphone, remote control and satellite tv - creature comforts!

I am determined to be 100% recovered by tomorrow so that I don't miss any more work. My greatest fear is that this junk will settle into my chest... there is no way I could financially sustain a bout with bronchitis or pneumonia right now... between the cost of meds and doctor visits and the lost income... it would be catastrophic so I have to be well... end of story. That's how I convinced myself to weather it at home one more day... I don't know if this is a sinus infection/cold or flu... but if it's flu, I want a refund of the money I spent on that flu shot! First time I ever got a flu shot and I get this sick, this quick. NO FAIR!

Anyways... love my cozy nest and am grateful for the creature comforts I have... hope you're having a much better day than me! Hugs!