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My People
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Monday, November 15, 2010

reasons to love Monday

How'd we end back up here again? It's another rainy Monday in the North Georgia mountains... beautiful, wet, colorful fall Monday. And although I'm packing up my tinkerbell lunch box and heading into the office today instead of getting to do the things I really want to do... I can still dig up some reasons to love Monday.

1. It was a great weekend! I got to spend time with my girls... I got to spend time with some special guys... I got some down time...and I got the laundry done. It was the kind of weekend I need to have more often.

2. The next installment of the Harry Potter series comes out this week. It doesn't matter much to me but it makes Austin really happy.

3. I had a good weigh in... a better unofficial weigh in yesterday... and after five months on plan I'm rocking along just fine!

4. I washed all our blankets this weekend so every time I curl up under a blanket, it smells so fresh and clean!

5. I packed up a hefty bag of all the stuff that's too big for me yesterday! Woohoo! So long fat girl clothes!

6. I was able to rotate back in some of my favorite smaller pieces. Since I have wardrobes for every size from 10 to 20... every new size will open up a new treasure chest of clothes that I already own and don't have to spend money on!

7. Yummy low point pumpkin bread/cake... I followed a recipe from - just used a carrot cake mix... added in a can of pumpkin... mixed it together and baked at 350 for about 20 minutes (can't remember the time exactly... ) and its awesome and yummy and low points and will make a great take along breakfast for me. I'm gonna expand on that recipe and work on some healthy muffin mixes. I think it would be super easy to add mix ins like shredded zucchini.

8. I found a healthy chili recipe that Austin would eat! Turkey sausage... lots of peppers, onions, garlic... canned tomatoes... kidney beans and northern beans... and he loves it. It's 3 points a cup for me. Win/win! Next batch I'll add a few more veggies in but we were at the end of the groceries and I was just using what was on hand.

9. It's just so easy to eat healthy and stay on track. Easy, I tell you. It's easier to do that than to eat unhealthy...

10. Austin's room is sorta halfway semi clean. His friends helped him and even applied a little "how can you live in such a pigpen" peer pressure. Good times.

Must get the glam routine underway... it's a long day ahead but I'm feeling ten feet tall and bullet proof. Hope you find reasons to love Monday too!


Anonymous said...

I know all about Harry Potter opening on Friday ~ Natalie is a Harry Potter geek and cannot wait to see the movie! Gotta find time to do that . . .

Becky said...

Yay for getting rid of fat clothes and getting to shop in your own closet! I'm doing that, too!

Thanks for the pumpkin carrot cake idea, sounds yummy.