My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, December 31, 2010

a few favorite pics from today

Pictures are, as usual, in no logical order. Accept it. I have. Me and Purple Michael after his show... we usually take great pictures but today... he's cute and I'm not. Go figure.

Here the Ghost of Christmas Present presents herself to Scrooge...

Checking out things at the Crachett homestead...

In the opening of the show... how cute is my PM? A few days ago... me... after work... without much makeup... just hanging out...

Can't believe I caught this on camera... Scrooge lets Austin know that he's got his eyes on him! Ha!

Before the show... opening his gift from us...

Waiting for the show to start... this is me... "after" 2010... "before" 2011. I'm on my way, baby!

Some of the leftover White Christmas in White County. This photo was taken on 12.27.10

btw, this is our Historic Courthouse on the town square. Beautiful, isn't it?

Jamie and her Bitty Baby, Angie, and Sarabeth with her american girl doll "Julie"... how beautiful are my Gant girls? I couldn't love them more!

More tomorrow... I'm settled in with the laptop watching football... it's a very peaceful NYE here in the nest. Happy!


Anonymous said...

Heather, you look SO great!!!