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My People
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

a post so boring that i talk about the weather...

I think I can safely say the humbugs have passed for now.
I'm so well rested... and resting even more today as we have really cold and possibly snowy weather in the forecast.
TCM has a great lineup of movies for me today... I started this morning with An American In Paris and Gigi and then a great documentary on Vincent Minelli.
I love old movies... they're so predictable... misunderstandings... unrequited love... comical predicaments... and happy endings.
Life should be like an old movie... complete with the happy ending.
I was supposed to take pictures for a friend (same friend from two weeks ago... ) but it doesn't look like the weather will cooperate.
I'll be just as happy to stay in and stay warm.
The mucinex is working... I'm coughing up a lot of junk... colorful junk which isn't a good sign.
But at least it's moving.
It snowed a little overnight, btw. Just a dusting.
Our predicted high for the day has passed and the high for tomorrow is below freezing.
I guess I must not have much to say since I'm talking about the weather.
But I didn't want to leave you with that last whiny post as the most recent post since I'm really very ok and very over the whole thing. His loss.
And if I only had a dollar for every time I've thought THAT!
Days like today... I'm glad to have my own company... and that of my cats...
While whining to a friend last night I bemoaned that I was going to definitely end up as the single old maid crazy cat lady...
His response was, "well... you could get rid of the cats...."
I had to laugh. But. No. Without them... I'd just be a old maid crazy lady. At least they give me a reason to get out of bed at 5am... to give them "num nums"...
This morning I went back to sleep after feeding them... and slept all the way until 6am.
Even in the midst of my mini-meltdown last night... I had the company and advice of two male friends via email and text... and my cousin via email... so I'm never really alone. There's always someone out there who gives a flip... and as long as my internet and texts are working... I'll survive.
At the end of the day... I have to say... it's the continual search for happily ever after that makes my story interesting, doesn't it? I don't know that I quite fit the June Cleaver stereotype.
The phone is ringing but I'm not moving. My apologies to whomever is calling.
I'm not moving from the nest.
It's cold outside.... have I mentioned that?
And the N key... it's still sticking.
Happy Sunday. Love and hugs.


Anonymous said...

It's just started snowing here in East Central Alabama. We've hit the high this morning for the next 3 days - I'm guessing Doug won't be hanging much gutter this week! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

"Days like today... I'm glad to have my own company... and that of my cats..."

It's a wonderful place to be when you can honestly say that you feel that way. I know! While I was waiting for Kevin to come along (and it was a LONG wait) ... I spent tons of time in my own company ... and I was totally content. Yes, lonely ... but content.

In fact, recently ... I did ask myself whether it was worth it to lose that freedom to do what ever I wanted ... whenever I wanted. And, of course my answer is YES, it was worth it! But, a little part of me sometimes wishes that I could have it back just for a day or two, now and then. So, enjoy it now ... you, my dear, will not have it forever! Where you are now ... and where you will be when THE right one comes along ... are BOTH great places to be. Just different seasons in your life.

big hugs,