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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

newsday Tuesday - Heather's Hot Topics

What's new in your world?
the Hot Topics in my life right now are:

Weight Watchers - the new plan and the success it's bringing...
Cough - won't quit... draining my energy... making everything harder
Cold - bitter, freezing, unseasonable cold with even colder wind chills
Texting - glad I bought the unlimited text package between texting my sports buddy about football games and texting David during the day... I'm all thumbs
Farmville - and other games... it's shameful how much I enjoy them, although, I suppose everyone has a hobby of some sort. Some people knit... I play farmville.
Kitties - they're either glued to my side or having some kind of kitty smackdown full of hissing and scratching. sibling rivalry.
Work - we're shorthanded and trying to have a 1000 app year... still have about 65 apps to go and I'm trying, Lord knows I'm trying but I can't talk without coughing and I have no energy. I feel brain dead and burned out. Trying to rally.
Prayer - trying to keep my focus, rely on God, trusting Him to guard my heart because...
David - is just such a good guy. We have so many of the same hopes and dreams and want the same thing out of a partner: a friend... someone to share our life... share the burdens and joys... he's good company for me and always keeps a smile on my face.
Christmas - not stressing... haven't bought much. Might not. It will come regardless of what I do or don't do so I'm just enjoying myself and doing what I can.

Also on my agenda... my child has been refusing to go to school. He's taking advantage of the fact that I'm sick... claiming that he's still sick... and he may not feel great but he's over the top ridiculous. He's banking on the fact that I don't have the energy to yell... don't want to get calls from the school that he HAS to be picked up because he's too sick to stay... don't have the strength to drag him kicking and screaming. I'm so aggravated with him. I have to tell you... it really angers me to feel as bad as I do ... drag myself into work every day knowing that I need to be home in bed... and have a worthless kid home all day doing nothing but making messes and sending me texts asking me to pick up McDeadly's for him... bring him home cokes... like he's some prince sitting on his throne. We just had a knock down drag out about it. He's going to fail this semester and he doesn't seem to get it. He thinks as long as he has good grades he can miss as much time as he wants and they won't fail him... he doesn't understand he can fail for being absent. Ugh.

And now... after that rant... I have to get off of here... drag my sick self into the shower... try to find the energy to make my breakfast and lunch and pull an 8 hour work day so that I can keep His Royal Highness in his comfy cozy throne.

Have a good day, y'all.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

We had that problem with my step-son for two years. At least once or twice a week he would pull the I'm sick crap. Would literally stand on the steps and turn on the tears. Sometimes we would drag him to school, have to forcibly remove him from the car and he would sit on the ground in the parking lot and would have to be dragged into the school. See if they have counselors in his school that deal with truancy. Our kid finally got his act together and only pulls it once in a while now.

Anonymous said...

Can you take him to the health department and get a couple of big fat shots in his butt?

Foodie2 said...

I was just doing my daily ritual of reading the blog while eating my lunch. Its so nice to get a break and a much needed giggle every day when I visit the site! I had to giggle yesterday while reading about Next Guy...3 daughters all his own....mental image of the Brady bunch came to mind. HaHaHaHaHa. I hope his last name isn't Brady, that would be too funny!