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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, December 19, 2010

pictures of my happy little home

Happy Sunday! I'm feeling better today... stronger, less pain, less coughing... I surmise that I am really, truly, on the mend. Yesterday I got a bit of shopping done and then came home and crashed... took a 5 hour nap... and then went back to bed 3 hours later. I think it might have something to do with my scrumptious new bedding... and you can tell that Bitty does NOT approve!

My sweet friend Angie worked on the kitchen yesterday... she put away all my "spring" teapots and made sure I only had seasonal decor. It does look a lot better... and she added the greenery..

Here's a view of the main living area (aka the space I rarely ever use since I'm always in my nest). You can see my little pink tree ... Austin's bike... the baby pictures of my boys... It looks much nicer now.

Here is a picture of my lazy layabout kitty cat who thinks that my legs covered in a snuggie create the most perfect cat bed. He's so cozy! I don't mind the added warmth but it takes an act of congress for me to get up.

Isn't my living room MUCH more charming now? I had let Austin and Logan arrange the furniture and it was not conducive to company... I would actually not be embarassed to have people over now. There are curtains coming... actually there ARE curtains... the curtain rod was being exchanged so at some point in the near future, I will actually have curtains on my windows.

In addition to the two end tables (I had none) my friends added this little table by the back door... and how cute is that shelf with my little doll and teacups? I collect antique tea cups and teapots.

Once again, I have to mention that the ladies who did this have tons of stuff to handle in their own lives... Angie... who cleaned the carpets and did a lot of the decorating... is a single mom with four kids under the age of 12. Cyndi... who is responsible for the wonderful bedding and my pantry filled with healthy stuff is the mother of four. Alisa... who worked like a slave girl getting Austin's bathroom clean and did hours of backbreaking labor on my house is scheduled to have surgery herself this week. It was no small sacrifice on the part of my girls... and I love them more than I can tell you!
They also got me a new shower curtain which Austin hung yesterday... and new bath rugs which Bitty absolutely detests. He keeps moving them and trying to flip them over... all part of his usual objection to anything new. He's a creature of habit, for certain.
I bought a few things yesterday and started putting gifts together and realized I didn't quite have that much energy... but I'm about halfway there. Must order Ryan's Christmas gifts and have them shipped to him in Pennsylvania... that's on the agenda for today. I also have a *tenative* date with the Bear Hunter to watch a movie. I'll let you know how that goes. There's just a bit more laundry to put away and I'd like to do some cooking for the week BUT... I'm pacing myself. More than anything, I have to make sure I can work for the next four days.
I've got another post brewing about some current political debates... but I don't want to include that in this happy little post. Love and hugs and Merry Christmas!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

What a blessing to have friends such as those! The house looks wonderful.

jazminne rosenthal said...

I would have helped also but I was to sick to even go to school :( I hope you like your house