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My People
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Monday, December 13, 2010

flocking pleurisy

I'm home. Watching Martha Stewart. She's flocking a wreath. I waxed poetic (in my head) about how hard it is to work the word "flocking" into normal conversation.

So... I went to the doctor and the good news is that I don't have pneumonia. I do have bronchitis and pleurisy. To best describe pleurisy... normally your lung tissue slides against itself with every breath like satin sheets... gently brushing against itself. With pleurisy... those satin sheets become replaced with sandpaper. This is the pain I've had in my left side for a week now. I was prescribed antibiotics (and you know how I feel about THAT) and codeine for the pain... because... it's legitimately uncomfortable... one of those pains that doctors immediately give credence to, like childbirth or a kidney stone.

Subsequently...I have spent my day in a drug induced haze. Codeine makes me sort of hallucinate. Good times.

They initially wanted to put me on steriods and I begged off... oy for the weight gain! So... it was agreed that if I would rest and do everything I could to keep from deep breathing and coughing so that the inflammed part of my lung could recover... then I can wait. They want me to check in on Friday. I don't have to GO IN to the office (thank Heavens) as long as the cough and pain are better. IF they are not better then they will prescribe steriods. Good times. Again.

This is a side effect/complication of the granulomas which ... again... are not a big deal unless I get sick. And then... they just make a normal illness slightly abnormal.

I did get major props for the weight loss which was very encouraging. I got props again for my anti-pharmaceutical stance for this year which has been mostly successful. My blood pressure was STELLAR... without meds, which I consider a huge accomplishment... and my oxygen saturation level is acceptible. Not perfect but good enough.

I asked for a mild antibiotic and was rebuffed because of my health history... and I was cautioned not to let these things go so long (although, in my defense, I did ATTEMPT to go to the doctor on Friday). The bottom line is that my lungs are less than perfect and the things I have done this year to improve my health HAVE made a difference but I do need to do more to strengthen my lungs (as in exercise more).

AND... since school is out due to the weather... Austin has been home aggravating the stew out of me all day. He wanted me to go out and get him EGGNOG. It doesn't matter what treats I have on hand for him, he always comes up with ONE MORE THING that he has to have... and he was in such dire need of eggnog that he woke me from a fitful sleep to ask me to go out in the bitter cold to get it. My response was not particularly sweet and maternal. Empathy is not his strong suit.

So that's the story, morning glory. Going to try to sleep some more.
love and hugs.

OH... and I serve my hummus on carrots or blue diamond almond nutcrisps which, I believe are gluten free.