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My People
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Saturday, December 11, 2010


The "N" key is sticking on my keyboard so if I misspell something, that may be why. Unless, of course, the misspelled word doesn't have an "N".

I called the doctor at 9am yesterday and asked them to call back so I could decide if I need to be seen. Dr. Google has diagnosed me with bronchitis.... I assume it's viral, not bacterial because I haven't had a fever... I think the stabbing pain in my left lung is pleuritic but I'm not sure. The doctor never called back. The pain is worse, the coughing is worse and I'm exhausted after not moving at all for the past 14 hours. Bah humbug. SOOOooo... I either go to Urgent Care and spend my Christmas money on doctors or I just keep hoping it will get better. Of course... as I've mentioned a few dozen times... last year medicine didn't help so I almost wonder why bother. Until I take a breath and want to scream.

Thinking of changing my facebook status back to single. Not feeling very "relationshippy". Details on that later, maybe. *sigh* It's been a bit of a disappointment. Things are just never what they seem, it seems.

Of course... I'm not feeling much like anything today. I don't even want to go for weigh in and I LOVE my weekly weigh in. I just don't know how much of that weight is me and how much is the crud in my chest. And of course there was that little frito indiscretion. Times two. Yes. I did it again last night.

I've kept the lights on my little pink tree on because - now that Bitty has learned to leave the ornaments on... it's really pretty. And since Austin has kept the living room clean all week... it's a nice little space. Feels like home. Finally. After two years. I can see the tree from my nest ... I've hung my Christmas cards from the blinds behind the tree... so it's a lovely little holiday scene.

I think... just maybe... I need to venture into civilization today... do a little shopping... come home... do a little wrapping... and then maybe the humbugs will depart. I don't like feeling this way. Christmas is a holly, jolly time, right?

At any rate... I'm going to take a long hot shower... fix myself up and at least, whether or not I FEEEEEL good... I'm going to do my best to look good.

AND AT LEAST it's Saturday!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

No health insurance? Do you qualify for a state program? Maybe urgent care can set up a payment program with you if you go.. State programs take forever to get.. mine took 45 days!