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My People
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Friday, December 3, 2010

still sick but still kicking...

A friend of mine who is a single mom with two young kids asked me the other day if she was a bad mom because at that moment she didn't like her oldest son. I laughed... and told her there have been a lot of times over the years that I haven't LIKED my kids... as long as you always LOVE them, you're not a bad mom. As a matter of fact... being able to love people who aren't particularly loveable is unique to moms, I think.

I don't like Austin today. He's exhausting on a good day... but when I'm sick... he's frustrating. It took four days for him to take out the trash this week. I asked him three times yesterday to finish loading the dishwasher and run it. Hasn't happened yet. He's a slob... not that I'm a neat freak or anything... although I wish I was wired that way... but God knew that I was going to have to raise this Hoarder in Training and would need a special dispensation of calmness when it came to messes. I try. But today... I've got to be honest... I wish he wasn't MY roommate.

Yesterday I started on some antibiotics that I had leftover from last year. I wasn't willing to invest the hundred bucks into a doctor visit because they get it wrong half the time anyways... last year I had pneumonia for three weeks before a doctor thought to tell me about it. It was only when I went back and said, "gosh... I'm still really not feeling well" when they said, "well, it takes awhile to recover from pneumonia". What? I mean... I'm sick... I know it's in my chest... I know it is one of those things I can't ignore... so I started on the pharmaceuticals... grudgingly. And I was shocked at how hungry I was all day yesterday. I had the munchies all day... if my weight goes up again this week... I may just stand there and cry on the scale. Ugh.

My weakness is crackers. I buy the healthy kind... as low in transfat as possible. But I ate a lot of them yesterday.

Today... I'm going to work. I feel like my chest is stuffed with cotton but other than that... I don't feel bad. There's just a slight tickle in my throat... I'm pretty sure I can last the day... hopefully my clients and co-workers will take it easy on me *smile*. I got a lot of rest yesterday... and after I work today I'll have two days to recover...

Although I do have a few things on the old agenda for the weekend... I'm going to try to keep a healthy balance of rest/healing vs. not being a hermit. I've got weight watchers ... my mammogram... and a parade on the schedule for Saturday. The parade is the annual Christmas parade in Cleveland which I've never gone to before but I want to go... and Next Guy is going... so I think if I wrap up well I'll be ok. Need to find some gloves... but other than that... I think I'm ok. May take the snuggie. These are the kind of things that I always wanted to do but not by myself. I'm excited!

Sunday is wide open... tonight I'm meeting NG after he gets off work so we can have a few minutes together. And in between I plan to crack the whip on Austin to get this house into order... maybe do a little decorating... and spend a lot of time curled up in the nest. And laundry. Always laundry.

We may have snow flurries Saturday night... which I think would be picture perfect if I happened during the Christmas parade! It would go a long way toward my ideal Martha Stewart / Norman Rockwell dream Christmas. No accumulation... just a little snow falling like stardust from the sky... *sigh*.... wouldn't that be lovely?

Hope you have a great weekend... send me some scale moving juju... and some wishes/hopes/prayers for this junk to clear out of my chest. Got too much to do to be sick! Love and hugs, y'all!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope you feel better soon. It is hard to deal with difficult children and being sick at the same time. Trust me, I know about difficult children! One scammed us out of having to do his homework last night with some cockamamie story about how its not "due" until Monday and an hour earlier he had to do it that night. Amazing what happens when a friend shows up at homework time.

Becky said...

I'll be praying for a healthy picture-postcard parade weekend for you... and that Austin feels a wave of motivated energy to do all his chores around the house.