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My People
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

whiny wednesday - the creeping crud edition

It's Whiny Wednesday and it's a doozie for me... during lunch yesterday I started feeling a tightening in my chest... I realized that I was struggling to draw a good breath... the little tickle in my throat I'd had all morning turned into a cough... and by the time I left work at 3:30... I was experiencing those old familiar bronchitis symptoms... exhaustion, light headedness, cough, feeling like my chest is stuffed with cotton... and can I just tell you that it INFURIATES me? I have worked so hard to stay well. I have taken my flinstones chewables every day... I have eaten as healthy as humanly possible (other than on Thanksgiving)... why me, why now?

What really stinks about it... I haven't (thank God) met my deductible this year so if I go to the doctor and if they prescribe anything, it's going to be completely out of pocket. I'm going to give it a few days to see if it clears up - that flu stuff I had a month or so ago went away after just a few days... so maybe that's the upside of proper nutrition - when I do get sick, my body has the ability to recover quickly. Let's hope that's the case. I don't want to miss out on life this December like I did last year.

My plan for today is to go into work and try to work AT LEAST half a day. We were shorthanded yesterday so I stuck it out until everyone had their lunch break (which in my office takes until 3pm, we stagger them). I don't want to get anyone sick and I don't want to make myself sicker but I can't afford to NOT work. Argh. And honestly... I don't FEEL bad. I'm hoarse and I can't talk without coughing or getting out of breath but as long as I'm just sitting I feel ok. He-he. Of course... I don't get paid to sit... I get paid to talk. Next Guy pointed out to me last night that I'd lost my "sexy voice"... there goes my money maker. Of course... maybe I'll be more effective selling life insurance if I sound like the death rattle is setting in.

Yesterday was such a damp, wet, miserable day. There were possible tornados, flooding, and just all out messy weather throughout Georgia. It's clear now but cold... we'll be in the 30's and 40's today. Appropriate for December, I suppose.

Austin is determined to put up a REAL tree this year despite our spastic Bitty Kitty. I think I'll allow it as long as we don't use any breakable ornaments. Of course... the bigger the tree... the sadder it looks when there's not much underneath it. Ha.

Yesterday morning was my lowest weight yet... I didn't update the ticker because Wednesday is almost always my peak weight day of the week. Not sure why. The new Points Plus plan is working great for me... it's whole premise is steering people toward eating fewer processed foods and that's right up my alley. Yesterday I had... a pomegranate, a baked sweet potato, taboule with avocado, a grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun, roasted kale (it's awesome, only takes a second and it gets crunchy, like chips!) roasted brussel sprouts, a fried egg (Logan made it... it was black on one side and runny on the other. bless his heart. he tried.) and four orange starbursts. Oh... and my multi-grain crackers. I have this addiction to the Blue Diamond almond nut thins... and Sesmark Ancient Grains crackers. I have to have a handful every day.

I finally watched Eat, Pray, Love yesterday. Maybe it was because I didn't feel good... but I didn't think the movie was as moving as the book was. I felt much more emotionally invested in the story when I was reading the book. I'm not sure the movie really adequately portrayed Liz's spiritual journey - and to me - that's what was the great thing about it tying in our physical and spiritual and emotional selves and creating balance in our lives. Having that physical indulgence in Italy... the spiritual awakening in India... and the emotions involved in allowing herself to love again in Indonesia... that was the beauty of the story. I don't know... those of you who loved the movie - did you read the book? Just wondering.

How is Bette Midler 65? How is that even possible?
Today on the Wendy Williams show (which I've never watched) she's having Kristen Chenowith and Elaine Stritch - two of Broadway's greatest. I don't want to be home sick but if I was... that's what I would watch.
The Sister Wives were on Oprah yesterday but most of it was blacked out in the Atlanta area because of the breaking weather news. They spent an hour showing the radar and prognosticating about where the potential tornadoes were.
I caught wind of some type of regulation potentially affecting farm markets. I have to research it a bit more before I really speak on it but... really? The danger to our food supply does NOT lie in small, local farm markets. The danger to our food supply is mass produced, genetically modified, chemically laden foods. Get real.
Guess I'm gonna have to plant a garden, for real.
Right now it's colder in El Paso than it is in Caribou, Maine.
And I'm officially out of things to say.
Happy Wednesday. Love and hugs.


moshell's lilbit of space said...

I did not read the book, first. But it is on my CHRISTmas list :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the book "bridges of madison county" but hated the movie. I guess we shouldn't watch movies from books we love. I guess I'll put Eat, Pray and Love on hold till it hits Lifetime or Hallmark channel.

hope you feel better.