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My People
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Friday, December 31, 2010

grand central

I've got so many trains of thought going thru my head right now... I've renamed my brain "grand central"... Never can remember if it's "station" or "terminal"... but... it's crowded, for sure...

Speaking of Grand Central (whatever it is)... my Manhattan dwelling brother somehow escaped the winter wonderland that is NYC and found his way to Atlanta this week on business. I'm not sure how HE got out of Gotham when the rest of the world seems marooned there. I'd like to hear that story...

I'm so attention deficit lately that I realized this morning that *at some point in the week* whenever the last time was that I shaved my legs... I only shaved one leg... as one was much more... unkempt than the other... you see... I've been wearing tights and boots during the day and thick, warm socks and pj pants at night. Haven't really seen my legs other than the shower... so... I caught the growth pattern up this morning.

Stayed up late last night texting with Crunch&Munch and the Bear Hunter. Also heard from an old flame yesterday. My stock is up for some reason. Hope that's an indication of a very fun (but chaste) year to come. C&M has already texted this morning and I've got him on pins and needles with the teaser, "I dreamed about you last night... " but told him I was busy blogging and would have to explain later. Tee hee.

The Christmas bloat seems to be dissipating, thank the diet gods. I went from a low of 182 in early December to as high as 190 when the worst of the fluid accumulation from the pleurisy was plaguing me. I'm back to a respectable 185 today but with *my new exercise program that begins NOW* I am certain that I'll reach a new low when I weigh in on January 8th. I'm stoked.

I continue to have pain behind my left rib cage... and my mother hen co-worker pointed out that THAT pain has been coming and going for quite some time. I looked back over my catalogue of aches and pains (aka this blog) and realized how right she is. That particular pain has been around most of the past year. I also noted that the pain seems to begin in the morning once I have my first cup of coffee... and exacerbates after lunch... which led me to wonder if it wasn't a digestive issue instead of a lung issue. I just kept thinking the scar tissue in my lung was bothering me. I called my doctor and got the answering service... so although I think it's a "don't let this fester" kind of issue... it will have to wait until the new year. I researched these symptoms more carefully and believe that quite possibly I have an ulcer. Which makes UH-LOT of sense... the pain got worse when I was on the mega drugs for the bronchitis... and it's worse after coffee... and after lunch when I almost always have a piece of fruit - usually a tangerine.

Not that I want to start the year with medical expenses. Not. At. All. And it's not a BAD pain which is why it's been sort of forgettable. It's just a recurring, nagging sort of discomfort. And since it's not a bad pain, my gut (pun intended) feeling is to not spend a lot of time or money on it... however... this is the only body I've got and I have to keep it in good running condition.

It's the time of year for resolving things and I will... predictable as the weather is Heather's annual goal setting time. Heather's annual goal ACHIEVING time is less predictable... I seem to be great on ideas and poor with follow through. One thing I know for sure about my personality... I'm a creature of habit. For me to be successful with anything, it has to become HABIT for me. Once it's a habit... I don't vary much from that routine.

I plan to find quinoa today in my travels around the city.

I'm leaving here in a just a bit (once the glam routine is complete and I've settled on a wardrobe and cleaned out the car, etc)... will head to Riverdale, south of Atlanta (about an hour and a half away) to retrieve my Austin, who has reportedly had an enjoyable visit with the biological father... and we will head to Stone Mountain to visit with his REAL father, Purple Michael... I picked up a nice bottle of wine from the Habersham Winery so he can taste our local mountain wine - which I, admittedly not a connoisseur, find very decent. Although I'm sort of a "one glass a month" kind of girl... having been raised southern baptist and all. Too much wine is of the devil. A little wine is just fine, in my opinion. I bought myself a bottle of a very sweet Riesling with which to ring in the new year. It's a step up from Boone's Farm.

The bear hunter is spending his New Year's hunting. Go figure.

Do any of you remember me talking about the boy that my kids grew up with who was jailed for vehicular homicide because of an accident where his girlfriend was killed? It was a very tragic situation... he was charged with reckless driving and her family had some clout so they were able to get the figurative book thrown at him... well, that young man is finally out of jail and doing very well... working... in love... happy... and the part of my heart that has spent the past five years fearful for his future can now relax.... and find something else to worry about.

Pop had an accident last night... at first he was afraid his car wasn't driveable but... turns out, it's ok. Looks to be mostly cosmetic damage but he's taking the car to his mechanic this morning to make sure. It's been a bad year for cars in the Gant family... mama's accident in May... my little... um... financial difficulty... with my car... Angie's had a few hiccups with her land yacht and now Pop. Praying that we have safe and secure transportation in the new year.

Time is ticking away... must get this act on the road... will take pictures! Love and hugs, y'all!


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