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My People
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Monday, December 20, 2010

reasons to love Monday

Hey y'all! It's a glorious Monday morning here in the hills and it isn't hard this week to find reasons to love it!

1. It's a Merry week... before next Monday we'll celebrate the birth of Jesus. that's good stuff!
2. I'm feeling better. Still some pain... and that has me concerned because I think the bronchitis is mostly gone but... we're less than two weeks from a new year and I'll postpone any major investigative medical work until then... so it applies to that 2011 deductible. I can make it!
3. Staff meeting this morning. Ok. Maybe that's not a reason to love Monday but I'm just so glad to be able to work... even staff meeting is ok.
4. I get to get out of this house for ten hours or so. I'm so tired of this nest, beautiful though it may be...
5. Sausage balls and russian tea mix making are in my future! Those are the two items without which it would NOT be Christmas! I'm experimenting with a lower fat version of sausage balls using reduced fat sausage, lower fat cheese and the heart healthy bisquick. I'm worried they'll be dry but I'm going to give it a shot so I can indulge guilt free.
6. I didn't see the Bear Hunter yesterday but we talked a bunch and so far... I like. We have a date planned for Wednesday.
7. Low and behold, guess who came to see me yesterday? It was the Next Guy! He came over for a little while... we watched a little football and just hung out. I'm not about to get relationshippy with him again... because I still don't understand why he pulled away... but we have plans to go to the movies on Christmas Day.
8. I've done all the food shopping I need to do for the next week or so... save a dairy or produce item here or there... so I can avoid the grocery store madness.
9. Austin's on Christmas break so there's no wrangling with my truant child for the next two week, praise the Lord.
10. Stocking stuffers have been purchased... that's always my last minute thing. There are a few things I want to get for my loved ones between now and Christmas day, but if I don't have time/energy/strength I've got enough to make for a decent Christmas.
11. I bought a fabulous fruitcake from the bakery for my mama and Aunt Ginger - the only two people in my life who actually like fruitcake. I'm excited for them to have it.
12. The coffee is extra good today. I bought a vanilla spiced rum creamer and it feels festive.
13. we have eggnog! I even found low fat eggnog for me!
14. I purchased an unlimited talk and text package for the little po-phone for the next month so those of you who have my digits, feel free to call! Our home phone is kaput so unless I put minutes on the cell, I wasn't going to be able to communicate. I'm so very much liking not getting Michael Darby's collection calls that I just might not replace the home phone.

Must glam... staff photos today... hope you all have a Marvelous, Merry Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather, I remember your sausage balls. They are delicious! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Christy Parker

Anonymous said...

Hey didnt you tell us there were a bunch of red flags with Next guy before he even bailed on you and now he shows up and your pretedding like the red flags werent there? It seems to me your doing what you said you didnt want to do and that was make a guy feel they can walk on you and you just let them right back in look at next guy he took a break from you without even telling you then he shows up and its ok with you and you wounder why men use you well dear you let them get a back bone! if I guy bails on you well then he is not interested but of course if your going to let him back in when he does that to you your the fool just saying!