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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a bunch of stuff

I had a lot of things on my mind to blog about today but then I saw this comment...

kat has left a new comment on your post "i need a vacay!": Glad to see you left Michael and came to your senses. I was the one you got mad and wrote a journal entry about me because I told you to kick him to the curb a few years ago. Feels good to say Told you so.

and THAT stopped me cold in my tracks. Does it feel good for my life to have fallen apart? How satisfying is it to be able to say "I told you so"? Do you have any idea what it cost me? Makes me wonder why I blog.... so that strangers can feel some sick sense of validation at my personal pain? Get a life, girl. Anyone who reads my blog to be able to take pleasure in my pain, please click the big red x in the corner. I certainly don't need your nasty comments.

Now... here's what I had intended to blog about...

Ryan is going to be in Atlanta tonight. I can't wait to see him! My Booboo!

Cody has finally gotten the corrected title so we can get his car tagged so I can stop hearing the "have you heard anything?" comments. What an amazing gift he has been given... so the paperwork took a little while to get in order... it's better than anything he would have had otherwise.

Cody had big news for me today. I haven't asked if I can share it so I'll sit on it for a few more days.

Austin has been a major slacker at school recently. He doesn't know it yet but he's staying after until 5:30 tomorrow to make up work... he usually stays until 4:30 on
wednesdays but we're not having dinner at church tomorrow night.

My friend Hana's husband is being inaugurated as president of Truett McConnell college. This is a major big deal. Emir is the first former muslim to be president of a southern baptist college. They're cool people and I'm honored to know them. Our church is hosting a dinner in Emir's honor tomorrow night for all the dignitaries in town for the event.

Everything is in bloom here and it's beautiful. We have rain coming in tonight and it's supposed to be curly weather through the weekend. Goodbye drought! I hope.

I got a fabulous postcard from Robert Drake today! If I haven't mentioned it lately, I LOVE Robert Drake! Every girl should have a friend like him.

Every girl should also have a Cory. I haven't talked about him a lot because I didn't quite know what to say. I spent a lot of years being a "fag hag". Now I'm finding myself as a "straight mate". He and I have a connection that goes beyong the intimacy I ever had with Michael...Super guy... no romantic interaction... just a great friend/another brother... He's been through a lot of the same stuff I've been through and we just "get" each other. There is zero pressure to impress or be girlie or cute with him... he's just a buddy... he's only going to be a buddy for me... Cory and I have spent hours on the phone in the past few weeks and he has become quite special to me. He's - as Whitney would say - the New Jam.

Speaking of Whitney... she's having an amazingly successful year selling life insurance. I'm so proud of my girl! We email back and forth almost every day. She was definitely the best thing that happened to me in Jax.

I talked to a State Farm agent today that I interviewed with back in the week or so that I was trying to decide whether or not to stay in Atlanta or move to Jax. He wanted to hire me... I decided to go to Jacksonville. I needed an agent to witness a signature in Dunwoody two miles from his office. He found out I was back in Georgia and said he was still hiring if I was interested. I'm not. I can't imagine ever leaving here!

That's something else I don't really articulate well because I don't know how to say it. I love my job here. It's stressful and hectic and there are some issues that need to be sorted through but Duane is the best boss I've ever had. I can tell him anything. We cut up a lot but I have a healthy respect for him. I loved Tommy to pieces... he was good to me. Kathy and I never quite clicked. Duane and I are a lot alike and have a similar spirituality which is so helpful. He places a lot of faith in me... which still surprises me... that anyone would find me capable of anything! But he does. I love it here... and I love my job... and I'll stay put as long as the Lord will let me.

You have to check out Kathy's website. There is this little mini Kathy that pops up on the screen and talks to you. Several of the agents are doing this now. There is one out of Wisconsin that pops up in her robe and curlers with a laundry basket... it's cutie patootie... can't remember the link.

So... the whole ear/jaw pain ... once I finished the meds... the pain came back. I'm still on a relatively soft diet (although I'm planning on Longhorn's tomorrow! woohoo!) and I'm still doing the retainer/splint deal. It's basically like when knee cartilage wears out... only it's in my face... if you can imagine having an overuse injury to your jaw. Ha! So I talked to the oral surgeon yesterday and he's ordered an mri to see how extensive things are and if there's any improvements with the meds. I can't stay on prescription strength motrin and flexeril forever. Nor can I afford to be out of work for surgery. Not sure what to do... but I'll go see him...

Ok... time to cook some dinner.... peace, love, hugs y'all!


Estela said...

great entry today, Heather. There will always be detractors on public blogs. Glad you are enjoying your new job. :)

Kelly Dawn said...

love you thinking about you! Cant wait till come to Georgia and spend the weekend with you :)


Unknown said...

oh,,,I hate people who said I told you so...Kick that commenter to the curb

Anonymous said...

I hate the phrase "I told you so" . . . the speaker implies a superiority that probably wouldn't be there unless the recipient of the comment had not made a decision, taken a chance, or tried something new. kat has no clue of the suffering you went through . . . and if she does and still made that comment . . . well, kick her to the curb!

LYN said...

i quit my job yesterday...big step for admitting i had been bullied for 2 years...

don't hate the haters...;-)

slj said...

That's really too bad that someone would be so nasty. Best thing to do is pray for her.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

good entry. and you know what? I rarely say "I told you so" in matters of the heart. Why bother? it all comes out in the wash anyway.

as for the jaw.... I know exactly what you mean about not being able to afford to be off for surgery. I am starting what I think will be a super new job, but also, it is looking like all my problems weren't corrected with the gallbladder surgery...
take care and have a great day!!!

sober white women said...

Hey girl. If you love where you are at then stay! I do hope that Austin gets his work done. I have so been there. It sucks when the children get behind and then have to play catch up!

Anonymous said...

Heather people will say all kinds of crap But you no the truth she has no clue Iam so glad to hear you are doing well Many Blessings Kat:) Not the bad Kat lol

Peaceful Epiphany said...

Kat (The mean one) sucks big hairy donkey balls.

As long as I have known you and as much of the sordid MJD story as I know (and it's more than what has been blogged about) I don't think (and maybe my memory is not as good as it has been in the past) I have EVER SAID..."I TOLD YOU SO".

You just don't DO that to people who go through situations like this...who HURT, who are dying inside, whose every ounce of being is screaming out in PAIN!!! Who is crying out in agony, in fear, who needs people to hold them up and tell them "it's gonna be matter how it FEELS right's gonna be okay." just don't DO that to people. Even if they are your worst enemy and you can't stand them. Even if the person they are with is the scum of the earth. You just don't DO THAT.

One day, KAT will get that statement thrown back at her...and then she will see how much it hurts.

I always say...KARMA IS A BIG FAT BITCH and it will bite her in the ass big time.

Kat better look out cause Karma don't play games. The good thing about Karma Heather, is that you will be SURE to have a FRONT ROW SEAT at the event that will throw KAT under the proverbial bus. Just you wait and see my friend! ;)