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My People
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Monday, March 16, 2009


I don't know how to title this entry and I don't have much battery therefore I don't have much time to write this!

I got a call from the White County sheriff's office today. Apparently they have been trying to serve me with "civil suit" (divorce) papers since February 23rd. I *apparently* work too much to be served. I don't know. I haven't seen any notices that they had been by... but whatever... the lady who called said, "well, your husband called to see why we hadn't served you and we told him we thought you were avoiding service". She said that he told her he was sure I wasn't. I'm not. I'm relieved. One less thing for me to pay for.

She told me I could stop by any time to pick them up. I planned to do it tomorrow but I'm a little nervous about my reaction. I'm relieved, trust me. It's inevitable. I'm in a FAR better place regarding this divorce than I was six months ago! I just don't know if I can make it through the next nine hours at the office after reading them. It may be an after work thing. As long as it's in progress.

It's almost over.

I sent out a mass text. Barry was the first to write back... asking if I was ok. I think I am. I need to have a good cry. Now seems like a good time. I'm gonna be ok. I really did love him and I really believe he loved me. But I know that God has a beautiful life planned for me.


sober white women said...

Look at this in a different light. You can finally really start making a life that will be totally awesome for you and your son's!

Myra said...

You will be able to move forward once its over. I know you love(d) him. You will grieve over this and it will take some will be ok.

Barbara said...

Coming to the end of a relationship is always hard, even if it is a good thing.
Jeremiah 33:3

cw2smom said...

Hang in there Sweetie! Better times are ahead! Blessings! Lisa

Tina of Moon Shine said...

regardless of what those papers say, see a lawyer and get a PROFESSIONAL OPINION of what, if anything, you might be owed. do NOT let Michael tell you what you are due because you will be due what a judge says you are due. I know you want it to be over,and it will be. But I almost let me ex dictate the terms of our divorce to me because, as he pointed out often, "he was paying for it." and he still paid for it. But my lawyer saw to it he didn't screw me.
and I did make it back to CS court on Friday. It went well and I blogged about it.
take care and hang in there. he is nothing but dead skin needing to be sloughed off...

Remo said...

It sounds like the process server was just padding their fees. Geesh - how hard can it be to track someone down in that 'burg you live in?

Progress is sometimes measured by the lack of backwards motion.

Unknown said...

big hugs to you!!!! You are such a strong woman!!

Jeanne said...

I agree that a legal someone should read those papers to make sure he's not trying to pull something over on you. My husband is an attorney. He doesn't do divorces, he does environmental law, BUT he knows how to read and interpert any legal document. If you want him to look it over, you can fax it here. Let me know.