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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday!

I had another post halfway written and decided to get over myself for a little bit and see if I couldn't find a few Reasons to Love Monday. It may not be my best entry ever, but rest assured, it's heartfelt!

1. My niece Tiffany is having a baby today! Number two for her... another boy!
2. The headache that I've had off and on for the past few days is still here... but at least I have ibuprofen!
5. No matter what happens... no weapon formed against me will prosper. Whatever is supposed to be for me WILL be!
6. I am not cocky but I am confident.... which helps.
7. My initial reaction was to curl up in a ball and pull the covers over my head. I resisted.
8. I got a shower, did my hair and makeup, put on a cute dress and... even though I might not leave the house today, I'm feeling more empowered just by that very act.
9. Got a load of laundry done... working on the second...
10.  The weather is gorgeous, the house is still not requiring artificial climate control and it's great to be alive!
11. I have two new pens that write perfectly.
12. Austin went to hang out with his "married friend" yesterday afternoon and came home at the time I asked him to be home.
13. Austin went to school today. He's not been doing a good job of that but... today he did.
14. I'm learning (work in progress) that I am not defined by the perceptions of others but by the grace of God.
15. Not every story has a happy ending but every unhappy ending makes us stronger.
16. I have no regrets.
17. The stress and sadness that came upon me when I saw the appeal notice... gone. Nothing boosts your confidence  like staring into the face of a dragon. Compared to the other things I've faced in the past few years this is small potatoes.
18. I slept great last night!
19. I was really, really close to slipping into depression and... I realized that I didn't WANT to feel that way. Happiness really IS a choice.
20. These photos are dark but I wanted to show you how Trouble likes to "help me" when I'm on my laptop. He is just this big old fluffy ball of muppet fur!


MammawsDecorativeArt said...

I love fur ball cats. Big fluffy fur balls make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy, no pun intended. I made the same choice with #19 a few times myself lately. Seems like it's happening frequently. I never want to go back there again either. You're one tough lady and I've admired your strength and tenacity for years.

Sherry said...

I just can not understand the hate that seems to be coming from (Dwayne?). Is he not family? keep your head up......

Heather said...

No, the former boss is not family. I initially went to work for State Farm for my uncle but then I met Michael and moved and moved and moved here and my uncle has since retired.